Fantasy Baseball: Sit ’em and Start ’em for Tuesday, April 8th

ryan howard
ryan howard

Tuesday will just be another day at “The Office” for Phillies’ 1B Ryan Howard (via

It’s imperative that you start guys with promising matchups like the Philadelphia Phillies’ Ryan Howard, and it’s just as important to sit the players who don’t.


» Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies: There were once two Ryan Howards we could enjoy on a weekly basis, but now that “The Office” is off the air, we can only rely on the baseball player — not the sleazy, coke-snorting salesman — to satisfy our Ryan Howard fix.  Unfortunately, for those of us feenin’ for the the Phightins’ first baseman, times have been tough.  Due to a plethora of injuries, the former fantasy giant was limited to just 151 games over the past two seasons.

Howard is now healthy (*crosses fingers*) and will be taking on the Milwaukee Brewers’ Kyle Lohse on Tuesday, a guy who he’s tormented throughout his career.  In 22 at bats vs. the Brewers’ right-hander, Howard has 10 hits, including two home runs, a double and 8 RBI.  Tuesday’s game will be played in Philly, where Howard crushed the ball last season, hitting seven more home runs (in 48 less at bats) and posting an OPS .392 points higher than when on the road.  While Lohse has enjoyed some success at Citizens Bank Park (11-10, 3.26 ERA), he was a much better pitcher at home in 2013, posting a 2.97 ERA at Miller Park, compared to 3.76 on the road.  Ryan Howard will leave you satisfied and smiling on Tuesday (That’s what she said!).

Put me in, coach: Matt Wieters (11-for-29, .379 BA, 4 HR, 3 2B, 7 RBI vs. Nova), Pablo Sandoval (8-for-24, .333 BA, 2B, 3B vs. Cahill), Bryce Harper (5-for-10, .500 BA, 2 HR, 2B, 4 RBI vs. Alvarez), B.J. Upton (7-for-23, .304 BA, HR, 2B, 3B, 5 RBI vs. Colon), Daniel Murphy (6-for-11, .545 BA, HR, 4 2B, 5 RBI vs. Harang)


» Anyone from the San Diego Padres — again: Haven’t the Padres had enough hate-mongering from me for one week?

This is the second day in a row that I’ve chosen the Friars as the “Sit ’em” part of my post!  Coincidence?  Well, not really.  You see, Monday’s game in Cleveland got rained out and the same pitching matchup exists, so why throw out so much good data when you can still use it?  It’s an annoying revelation for anyone who picked up Zach McAllister for his two-start (formerly) week, but if anything, it allowed me to make it to dinner on time last night.  Had I showed up late to one more meal, I think my fiancée would have personally chopped off Chief Wahoo’s head.

Seth Smith is the only Padre to have previously faced Cleveland Indians’ starter Corey Kluber, but there is plenty of info we can use here without having the traditional batter vs. pitcher stats.

At age 27, Kluber was somewhat of a revelation last year.  The tall right-hander went 11-5 with a 3.85 ERA and 136 K in 147.1 IP.  He fared much better against right-handed batters in 2013, allowing a .704 OPS against (.751 vs. LHB).  Conversely, the Padres as a team were much worse against right-handed pitching than they were when facing southpaws.  In 3,916 at bats vs. RHP, the Friars had an OPS of .668 (compared to a .728 OPS in 1,601 at bats vs. LHP).

Another thing going for Kluber was that he was absolutely dominant last year when pitching at home, compiling a 5-2 record with a 2.76 ERA and .254 BA against at Progressive Field.  For as good as he was at home, he was remarkably bad on the road, amassing a terrible 4.98 ERA and .288 BA against.  Of course, this game will be played in Cleveland, so make sure to get any Padres that may be on your fantasy baseball team out of your lineup on Tuesday.

Take a seat, meat: Matt Kemp (0-for-16, .000 BA, 4 K vs. Scherzer), Ian Kinsler (8-for-36, .222 BA, 3 XBH, 6 K vs. Haren), Jimmy Rollins (6-for-37, .162 BA, HR vs. Lohse), Anthony Rizzo/Darwin Barney (combined 2-for-20, .100 BA vs. Morton), Pedro Alvarez (2-for-17, .118 BA, HR, 4 K vs. Jackson)

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