DeSean Jackson to the Jets?

As rumors circle around in Philly, it appears mega-fast WR DeSean Jackson will be on his way out whether it’s via trade or outright cut. Recent reports are saying the Eagles “don’t want” DeSean, which is a little puzzling given the type of offense they run (speed) and that Jackson, is well, fast. DeSean Jackson has always been a bit outspoken or what have you, but bottom line, he is a great player.

There are said to be several teams interested in the wide-out’s services including the Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, Panthers and Jets.

The Jets could make it happen as they have the resources and now have QB Michael Vick, who, in his time in Philly, threw to Jackson more than any other receiver.

I would expect that all teams may just wait to see if Jackson is released rather than trade a draft pick for him. Because, if like reports say and the Eagles don’t want him, they will just release him, right?

I think DeSean Jackson and the Jets make perfect sense. That would give the Jets Michael Vick, newly-acquired WR Eric Decker and then DeSean Jackson. Also, lots of mock drafts have the Jets taking TE Eric Ebron.

DeSean Jackson and the Jets make the perfect couple

Projections: 69 receptions, 1,119 yards, 7 TDs.





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