Week 31 Injuries and Suspensions

Week 30 has thrown the premier league back up in the air at both ends of the table and with 15 games falling in week 31 we could be in for a thrilling game week both in terms of the league and your fantasy teams. Some leagues are treating all 15 games as one game week so initially I will cover all the games in this article but for those who play on websites which treats it as two game weeks I will also be doing an article Sunday/Monday so be sure to watch out for that!

Rather than breaking the injuries and suspensions down game by game I will be doing it by team (in alphabetical order) and if that format appears to be the preferred choice then I shall go for that in the future.

Before we get into the teams here are this week’s fixtures:

  • Chelsea vs Arsenal                    22.03.14 @ 8:45am ET (12.45pm GMT)
  • Cardiff vs Liverpool                   22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Swansea                  22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Hull vs West Brom                     22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Man City vs Fulham                   22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Newcastle vs Crystal Palace      22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Norwich vs Sunderland              22.03.14 @ 11.00 am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • West Ham vs Man United           22.03.14 @ 1.30 pm ET (5.30pm GMT)
  • Tottenham vs Southampton       23.03.14 @ 9.30 am ET (1.30pm GMT)
  • Aston Villa vs Stoke                  23.03.14 @ 12.00 pm ET (4.00pm GMT)
  • Arsenal vs Swansea                  25.03.14 @ 3.45 pm ET (7.45pm GMT)
  • Man United vs Man City             25.03.14 @ 3.45 pm ET (7.45pm GMT)
  • Newcastle vs Everton                25.03.14 @ 3.45 pm ET (7.45pm GMT)
  • West Ham vs Hull                      26.03.14 @ 3.45 pm ET (7.45pm GMT)
  • Liverpool vs Sunderland             26.03.14 @ 4.00 pm ET (8.00pm GMT)

UPDATE: 21/03/14 @ 2pm ET: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Hull City, Man City, Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, West Brom


Arsenal Injuries            @ Chelsea (22.03.14), vs Swansea (25.03.14)

Image courtesy of the guardian

Ozil (Hamstring) 26.04.14: Missing both games and a bit more. Drop him.

Ramsey (Thigh) 29.03.14: Missing both of these games but should be back for the next week. If you haven’t already then drop him and clear a space for another player on a two game week.

Wilshere (Foot) 19.04.14: Same as Ozil. Drop.

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Diaby (Knee) Return unknown: Out for the season. You shouldn’t own either.

Chamberlain (Calf) Upgraded to Available: Has been made available and should play in a depleted midfield. Get him in your line up

Rosicky (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: Had a chance of playing but now could miss the Chelsea game as a precaution.

Bendtner (Illness) Upgraded to Available: Illness appears to have passed. PRobably isnt starting though. Not worth picking up.


Aston Villa Injuries      vs Stoke City (23.03.14)

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Achilles) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg), Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three.

Herd (Personal) Return unknown: Barely been fantasy relevant when available anyway.

Agbonlahor (Calf) Upgraded to Available: Should be in the starting line up. I might still look to replace him with a two game forward if I own him. 


Cardiff City Injuries      vs Liverpool (22.03.14)

Turner (Knock) 75% chance of playing, Taylor (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Both cheap options but this will be a tough game for Cardiff to keep a clean sheet so I’m not risking them.

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Won’t play this week.


Chelsea Injuries           vs Arsenal (22.03.14)

Image courtesy of the guardian

Cole (Knock) 26.03.14: Downgraded to out for this week. Drop him if you haven’t already

David Luis (Knock) Upgraded to Available: Terry and Cahill are fit so I don’t see him getting involved. Not worth the risk.

Kalas (Leg) Upgraded to Available: Potentially one for the future but you shouldn’t own him now.

Ramires (Suspended) 13.04.14, Willian (Suspended) 29.03.14: Drop both of them for this week as they are playing zero games and other midfielders are playing twice.

Van Ginkel (Knee) Return unknown: Not returning anytime soon


Crystal Palace              @ Newcastle (22.03.14)

Gabbidon (Knock) Upgraded to Available: Newcastle struggled last week against a poor Fulham defence. However, he only plays once so don’t rush to get him.

Bannan (Illness) Upgraded to Available: Not really a high enough scoring fantasy midfield for you to worry about his fitness. If you own him and you have no other concerns then drop him for a cheap player playing twice this week.

Chamakh (Hamstring) 22.03.14: A decent striking option for the price. Check back to see if his status changes at all. No update as of Friday.

Gayle (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: Too inconsistent for you to own anyway. Drop if you own.


Everton Injuries           vs Swansea (22.03.14), @ Newcastle (25.03.14)

Jagielka (Hamstring) 50% chance of playing: A potentially decent week against one struggling side and an inconsistent Newcastle. Check back.

Barry (Shin) Upgraded to Available A relatively cheap midfield option that puts up decent points with a two game week. There are better scorers available but they they may not play twice this week with two decent match ups.

Pienaar (Knock) 12.04.14: Downgraded to out. Drop.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: None of these are really worth worrying about this week.


Fulham Injuries            @ Man City (22.03.14)

Parker (Knee) 22.03.14: I know I said this last week about the defence (and they kept a clean sheet) but I’m not touching a Fulham player this week if I don’t already own him. If you own him already then check back because he is a cheap option but he doesn’t score well and is only playing once.

Dejagah (Leg) 75% chance of playing: Same as above except he’s more expensive

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop.

Karagounis (Muscle) 22.03.14: Same as with Parker

Bent (Personal) Upgraded to Available:  Man City are without their best defender this week. Could grab a cheeky goal.

Mitroglou (Knee) 29.03.14: Downgraded to out. Do not own.


Hull City Injuries          vs West Brom (22.03.14), @ West Ham (26.03.14)

McShane (Ankle) Return unknown, Dudgeon (Knee) Return unknown, Brady (Groin) Return unknown: You don’t want to own any of these guys this week.

Boyd (Suspended) 05.04.14: Do not own him.


Liverpool Injuries         @ Cardiff City (22.03.14), vs Sunderland (26.03.14)

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown, Coates (Knee) Return unknown: Again you don’t want to own either of these this week.


Man City Injuries          vs Fulham (22.03.14), @ Man United (25.03.14)



Kompany (Suspended) 25.03.14: Misses a potential clean sheet against Fulham but even when he returns against United they have been struggling. However, there are cheaper and better scoring options out there.

Nastasic (Knee) 05.04.14: Downgraded to out. Do not own.

Richards (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Unlikely to feature even if healthy so don’t own him.

Aguero (Muscle) 29.03.14: Out for both games. I’m dropping him this week!

Jovetic (Hamstring) Upgraded to Available: With Aguero out he could feature in both games. Might be worth a punt if you have a spare transfer but he hasn’t been a good scorer all year.


Man United Injuries      @ West Ham (22.03.14), vs Man City (25.03.14)

Smalling (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: There is a central defensive spot open with Vidic out and there is a real shot of one clean sheet here. Check back.

Vidic (Suspended) 29.03.14: Missing both games so drop him.

Evans (Calf) 50% chance of playing: Same as with Smalling.

Hernandez (Knee) 50% chance of playing: Probably not doing more than a cameo even if 100% for Saturday so don’t own him.


Newcastle Injuries        vs Crystal Palace (22.03.14), vs Everton (25.03.14)

Elliot (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Unless Krul goes down he wouldn’t get a look in anyway so don’t own him.

Debuchy (Groin) 05.04.14: Missing both games so drop him

Santon (Illness) 29.03.14: Missing both games. Drop.

Ryan Taylor (Knee) Return unknown, Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Neither are playing soon so drop them.

Ben Arfa (Personal) 22.03.14: Relatively expensive option considering he is a little hit and miss as to whether he starts. Check back because he can have moments of pure magic.

Bigirimana (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: Has scored 0 points all season so no point picking him up. If you miss a good week then you shrug and move on.

Remy (Calf) 29.03.14: This is a huge loss for many fantasy teams. Missing both games so drop him.


Norwich Injuries           vs Sunderland (22.03.14)

Turner (Hamstring) Return unknown, Fer (Hamstring) Return unknown, Elliott Bennett (Knee) Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three this week.

Gutierrez (Match Fitness) 25% chance of playing: For the last two weeks he has been listed as returning only to be downgraded so check back. However, he is an expensive option who you shouldn’t own when he will play once at most this week.


Southampton Injuries  @ Tottenham (23.03.14)

Kelvin Davis (Knock) Return unknown: Wouldn’t play even if healthy. One of the great mysteries to me is why 12% of teams own him!

Lovren (Groin) 75% chance of playing: Tottenham have misfired lately so check back because there could be a clean sheet on offer here.

Schneiderlin (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Hard to know what to do here because he scores a decent number of points. Only playing once so I would drop him if I had a free transfer.

Cork (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: You shouldn’t own this week.

Wanyama (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Cheap option but doesn’t score that well. Only playing once which means he’s almost worthless to you. Drop.

Image courtesy of caughtoffside

Ramirez (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Doesn’t put up regular points so drop him for someone with similar value who is better.

Guly (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Just don’t own him.

Stoke City Injuries        @ Aston Villa (23.03.14)

Pieters (Muscle) 75% chance of playing: Decent chance of a clean sheet this week so check back.

Huth (Knee) Return unknown: Don’t own him for now.

Adam (Suspended) 29.03.14, Walters (Suspended) 05.04.14: Don’t worry about either until they return.

Assaidi (Knee) 50% chance of playing: Cheap option so check back.

Ireland (Ineligible) 29.03.14: Cannot play against former club (due to a clause in his transfer) so if you have a transfer spare you might as well replace him. There are better options for the price as well.


Sunderland Injuries      @ Norwich (22.03.14), @ Liverpool (26.03.14)

Fletcher (Ankle) 29.03.14: Reasonably expensive option missing two games. Drop.


Swansea Injuries          @ Everton (22.03.14), @ Arsenal (25.03.14)

Monk (Knee) 22.03.14: Should be available but it’s unlikely he features even if he is.

Shelvey (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Decent scoring cheap option playing twice. I’d be tempted to start him.

Dyer (Foot) 75% chance of playing: Same as above.


Tottenham Injuries       vs Southampton (23.03.14)

Walker (Groin) 75% chance of playing: Has missed a few weeks now so check back because if he is downgraded again you’ll probably want to cut ties with him

Dawson (Hamstring) 29.03.14: Not playing this week so drop.

Chiriches (Back) Return unknown, Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own either.

Kaboul (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Not sure he plays if fit. Big risk considering he only plays once this week.

Pauliniho (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Their best scoring fantasy midfielder but a reasonably expensive option. My advice here is drop him and get someone equally as good for a similar amount or less as he is only playing once and could miss that game.

Dembele (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Doesn’t really score many points and there no guarantee he will play but he’s a cheap option with potential so check back.

Capoue (Ankle) 23.03.14: Should return but who knows if he plays. This team has been so unsettled.

Adebayor (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has been good lately. Expensive option who is only playing once and could miss that game so I would drop him.


West Brom Injuries      @ Hull City (22.03.14)

Olsson (Suspended) 05.04.14, Lugano (Knee) 05.04.14, Brunt (Knee) 26.04.14: You don’t want to own any of these guys this week.

Jones (Hamstring) 22.03.14: Decent match up for a shredded defence. Worth checking back even if he is expensive and only playing once.

Popov (Neck) 22.02.14: Same as above except he is a cheaper option.

Amalfitano (Knock) 29.03.14: Downgraded to out. Do not own.

Yacob (Hamstring) 22.03.14: As above.


West Ham Injuries        vs Man United (22.03.14), vs Hull City (26.03.14)

O’Brien (Shoulder Dislocation) Return unknown: Out for a while. Don’t own.

Borriello (Hamstring) 22.03.14: I’m still sure they want to get him involved but with Carroll healthy they will look that first. Not worth owning at this point.


Make sure you get as many guys playing twice this game week in and starting as you can as that is where the bonus points lie. If you play in a league where line ups lock at kick off be sure to check out @fakepigskin to see the latest line ups. In addition, if your league treats the midweek matches as a separate game week then be sure to look out for my article next week preparing you for those match ups.




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