Week 30 Injuries and Suspensions

For the first time since I started doing this article, two weeks ago, we have a full slate of games meaning that injuries are your biggest worry this week now you don’t have to scan your roster for those guys not playing.

Friday 14.03.14 @ 4pm ET Update: Hull City, Man City, Everton, Cardiff, Fulham, Newcastle, Southampton, Stoke, West Ham, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Swansea, West Brom, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal.

Note: Next week 10 teams play twice; Arsenal, Swansea, Man United, Man City, Newcastle, Everton, West Ham, Hull City, Liverpool and Sunderland. Therefore, it might be worthwhile using your transfers to get in as many players who play twice next week as possible if you have no injuries to worry about.

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Hull City vs Man City 15.03.14 @ 7:45 Eastern Time (12:45 GMT)



Hull City Injuries:

Davies (Knock) Fully Fit: Has been their best fantasy defender at a decent price. Not sure they’re keeping a clean sheet this week but he will likely be tarting improving their chances.

McShane (Ankle) Return unknown: Out for this week at least so drop him

Dudgeon (Knee) Return unknown: You probably don’t own him and you shouldn’t.

Livermore (Thigh) Fully Fit: Hull’s best fantasy midfielder is available for selection so should start as he is also their best in real.

Brady (Groin) Return unknown: Just seems to keep getting set back. Drop.

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Man City Injuries:

Nastasic (Knee) 15.03.14: They look like they desperately need him back with Lescott and Demichellis appearing to be shaky partners at best for Kompany. However, not sure he starts unless 100% fit so check back to see if we get any updates. No further update. Don’t pick him up if your roster locks at a set time tomorrow.

Richards (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Unlikely to play anyway so you shouldn’t own him

Jovetic (Hamstring) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out which is a blow with Agüero also a doubt.

Agüero (Hamstring) 15.03.14: Taken off at half time against Barca but it would be worth putting him in the line up if your league auto subs out players who dont play because he either starts or doesn’t play at all and will be removed from the line up.


Everton vs Cardiff City 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)

Everton Injuries:

Jagielka (Hamstring) 50% chance of playing: Was expected back this week but has been downgraded to 50/50. He has been a regular piece of Everton’s back four and if he’s playing they have a good shot of a clean sheet but he’s a big risk right now.

Pienaar (Knock) 75% chance of playing: With a collection of other midfielders fit and available they may let him rest or bench him. No further news as of Friday so risky right now.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: For now you’re not going to bother with any of these guys so check back next week for updates on the four if they become available.

Cardiff Injuries:

Turner (Knock) 75% chance of playing, Taylor (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Not sure they’re keeping a clean sheet this week but they are two relatively cheap options. No further update on either so hard to risk them.

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Injured and doesn’t play when healthy. If you haven’t already, then drop him


Fulham vs Newcastle 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)


Fulham Injuries:

Amorebieta (Hamstring) 15.03.14: I’m not touching a Fulham defender this week even if healthy and I strongly advise you don’t after last week’s horror show.

Briggs (Hernia) Return unknown: Not coming back any time soon. You shouldn’t own him.

Parker (Knee) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out this week. If you own him then cut your losses. He doesn’t score often enough.

Dejagah (Knock) 75% chance of playing:  With Parker out they may have a spot open for him. Expensive option for what he provides. No further update Friday. Wouldn’t bother this week.

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop and don’t look back

Kvist (Hamstring) Fully Fit: Probably won’t play anyway so I wouldn’t bother this week.

Newcastle Injuries:

Elliot (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Isn’t playing unless Krul gets injured

Debuchy (Groin) 05.04.14: Big loss both for Newcastle and for you fantasy teams. Out for at least a couple of weeks so drop him.

Santon (Knee) 50% chance of playing: They will love to have one of their best performers, but having been downgraded if you’ve held onto him I would struggle starting him with this news and I definitely wouldn’t pick him up.

Coloccini (Lack of fitness) Fully Fit: Seems to have been training well and they will want one of their leaders on the field. I might even pick him up in this match up with a decent chance of a clean sheet.

R. Taylor (Knee) Return unknown: Out, don’t own.

Ben Arfa (Knock) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out for personal reasons. Not sure what to say here other than maybe swap him for Sissoko who is cheaper and has scored more points this year.

Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Just don’t own him.

Bigirimana (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: Likely won’t play even if available so don’t pick him up

Remy (Ankle) 29.03.14: Downgraded to out for two weeks. Swap him out of your line up for someone else and consider picking him up when he is back.


Southampton vs Norwich 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)


Southampton Injuries:

Kelvin Davies (Knock) Return unknown: Won’t play even if he was fit. An astonishing 13% of people own him. If you’re one of them…DROP HIM!

Lovren (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illness is a tricky things and its a pain that it has occurred in a week with such a juicy match up.

Hooiveld (Eye) 50% chance of playing: Probably won’t play anyway so forget him

Cork (Ankle) Return unknown: Downgraded to out. Don’t own him.

Wanyama (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Had a clear chance of playing with Cork out but that is now less known. Doesn’t score enough so I wouldn’t own him.

Norwich Injuries:

Turner (Hamstring) Return unknown, Elliott Bennett (Knee) Return unknown: Not returning soon. Drop.

Fer (Hamstring) Return unknown: Drop for now but he’s there best fantasy midfielder so keep an eye on him to pick back up later.

Gutierrez (Calf) 15.03.14: They loaned him in January and Hughton knows him so might make an appearance from the bench. Monitor him for this week.


Stoke City vs West Ham 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)


Stoke Injuries:

Huth (Knee) 15.03.14: They would love to have the big man back but I’m not 100% sure they will. He should have been back last week and got downgraded and there has been no update as of Friday.

Adam (Suspended) 29.03.14, Walters (Suspended) 05.04.14: Not much to say here but drop for now

Assaidi (Knee) 50% chance of playing: Upgraded this week and with both Adam and Walters out he could see some playing time. Monitor him.

West Ham Injuries:

O’Brien (Dislocated Shoulder) Return unknown: Drop.

Vaz Te (Lack of match fitness) Fully Fit: Has been deemed fit but I’m not sure he starts. Do not own this week

Borriello (Hamstring) 15.03.14: They could do with him scoring goals so if available I think they risk him. No update as of Friday.


Sunderland vs Crystal Palace 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)


Sunderland Injuries:

Westwood (Shoulder) Return unknown: Wouldn’t play anyway unless Mannone went down

Brown (Knock) Fully Fit: Has been made available and this is a decent match up

Roberge (Knock) Fully Fit: Been made available but not sure he is worth risking as he may not start.

Gardner (Knock) Fully Fit: Probably doesn’t start so don’t risk him.

Crystal Palace Injuries:

Gabbidon (Knock) 75% chance of playing: A decent match up so its a shame he is now a slight doubt

Bannan (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Doesn’t score many fantasy points so not a huge loss. You shouldn’t own him anyway

Chamakh (Hamstring) 22.03.14: If I own him I’m benching him and saving the transfer for next week. Do not pick him up though.


Swansea vs West Brom 15.03.14 @ 10am ET (3pm GMT)



Swansea Injuries:

Vorm (Illness) Fully Fit: Good news that he is fit but there are better options for the price. If you have the transfer to use swap him out anyway.

Chico (Suspended) 22.03.14: For his price he puts up good points. Bench him as he will be back next week

Monk (Knee) 15.03.14, Bartley (Hamstring) 22.03.14: Doubt they play even if healthy. Forget them.

Shelvey (Hamstring 25% chance of playing: Highest scoring fantasy midfielder for the Swans and the fact he is now downgraded is a bad sign. Bench or drop if you see someone else you like.

Dyer (Foot) 75% chance of playing: A lot of questions in this midfield. If you have the transfer I would probably get rid of him.

Hernandez (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: There are other fit at this position and Michu may get the nod ahead of him. No update as of Friday.

Michu (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: They will love to have him back but at that price I’m not risking him and neither should you until he shows you something. No update as of Friday.

Bony (Illness) Fully Fit: Illness has cleared up and he should start so your good to use him.

West Brom Injuries:

Jones (Hamstring) 22.03.14: Out until next week at least so I would drop him.

Lugano (Knee) 15.03.14: They need someone to complete their back three so if healthy he probably plays. Check back.

Popov (Neck) 15.03.14: Barely played all year. Don’t pick up

Brunt (Knee) 26.04.14: You’re going to have to drop him with this long layoff and keep an eye on him at his return

Yacob (Hamstring) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out so drop and definitely do not pick up.

Reid (Knee) 22.03.14: Same as above.

Anelka (Suspended) Return unknown: This is a huge mess and just forget him for now.


Aston Villa vs Chelsea 15.03.14 @ 12:30pm ET (5:30 GMT)

Aston Villa Injuries:

Bertrand (Parent Club) 22.03.14: Cannot play and this defence is not worth holding onto a player. Drop.

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, Herd (Personal) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Ankle) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg) Return unknown: None are playing this week and probably aren’t playing for the next few weeks. Drop.

Chelsea Injuries:

Cole (Knock) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out. Hasn’t been picked lately so drop for his team mate Azpilicueta and save some cash

Luiz (Knock) 22.03.14: Downgraded to out. Doesn’t play regularly so drop.

Van Ginkel (Knee) Return unknown: Just forget him for now

Torres (Groin) 50% chance of playing: Injured in the warm up last week. No update as of Friday.

Man United vs Liverpool 16.03.14 @ 8:30am ET (1:30 GMT)

Man United Injuries:

Evans (Calf) 50% chance of playing: Has been upgraded to 50/50 but I’m not sure he plays so I wouldn’t go picking him up or starting him.

Rafael (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: Downgraded to 50/50 so they may rest him for mid-week. I would probably drop him because he has not been productive this year.

Nani (Hamstring) Return unknown: Just forget him

Hernandez (Knee) 50% chance of playing: Could be on the bench this week but that’s no good for your fantasy team. Don’t own him

Liverpool Injuries:

Sakho (Hamstring) Fully Fit: I can see him starting but I’m not sure I like the match up. There are players with a better match up who are the same price or cheaper.

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown: Don’t own him

Lucas (Knee) Fully Fit: Wont score many points even if he plays so don’t own him.


Tottenham vs Arsenal 16.03.14 @ 11am ET (4pm GMT)

Aaron Ramsey joined Arsenal from Cardiff City in 2008 but has never forgotten his Welsh roots


Tottenham Injuries

Walker (Groin) 75% chance of playing: Big blow for them and your fantasy teams with him going down this late. Expensive option to have on your bench but with Arsenal ravaged by injury there is a real shot of a clean sheet here.

Dawson (Hamstring) 29.03.14: Out for the next two weeks so drop him

Chiriches (Back) Return unknown, Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own them

Dembele (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: This midfield is hard to call and the team can be so hit and miss. With no update as of Friday you may just want to stay clear.

Capoue (Ankle) 16.03.14: Could return in a defensive role but as a midfielder doesn’t get rewarded like a defender. Not a big goal scorer so don’t own him

Sandro (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has picked up an injury during the week but he isn’t fantasy relevant enough to worry about. I’d drop him

Adebayor (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Picked up a knock mid week which is a blow because he has looked good lately. This news makes it hard to judge who will play out of him and Soldado. Probably worth putting him in your line up because even as a sub he could terrorise his old team and if he doesn’t play he will be subbed out.

Arsenal Injuries:

Gibbs (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: Upgraded from 50/50. He is a key guy and they need this result so I think he plays but he is an expensive option with a tough match up.

Monreal (Foot) Fully Fit: Also upgraded but that doesn’t help to know if he will play. I’m not owning him with this match up.

Özil (Hamstring) 26.04.14, Wilshere (Foot) 19.04.14: Out for a while. DROP.

Ramsey (Thigh) 29.03.14: Downgraded to out. DROP.

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Diaby (Knee) Return unknown: Both likely out for the season. Forget for now

Kallstrom (Back) 16.03.14: May be available for first time since joining on loan. I expect him to come off the bench at most. Keep an eye on him for next week.

Bendtner (Knee) 75% chance of playing, Sanogo (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Giroud will start so you don’t want either of these guys on your roster. No further update Friday.


Well that was a monster of an article after a quiet couple of weeks! If you play in a league where your players lock at game time be sure to check out @fakepremierlg for the line ups as they become available!




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