Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 3/4

Of all the different times in the year, today is my favorite day of all to be from New Orleans. For those of you that don’t know, today is Mardi Gras. This means the city shuts down, and everyone consumes his or her weight in alcohol. Body parts are shown for beads, or just for fun. People pee in dark alleys, which is usually followed by a car ride to the police station for public intox. It’s truly a magical time in the city.

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, I am going to be making my picks like they are Grand Marshall’s or Jesters. Traditionally, Grand Marshall’s are the star of the parades and lead the festivities.  What they actually do is have celebrities pay money to get drunk and throw beads at people. Everybody wins.

So I have picked a bunch of guys to play tonight to be the Grand Marshall’s in tonight’s six games. Mardi Gras is all about having fun, so I’m not goin got worry about sitting guys tonight. If the value is right, then any guy should work. As always, just check and make sure you GTD are ready to go tonight. I mean, only one game is under the 200 point mark, and three are 210 or over. It should be a great night with a lot of high scores in DFS. All my prices are according to DraftKings. As we say in New Orleans: laissez les bon temps rouler, which means “let the good times roll”

Grand Marshalls

Anthony Davis ($9,200) vs the Lakers – How can I not do a Mardi Gras article and not include my hometown hero? I mean, the story pretty much writes itself. It does help that his price value is down considerably from what it was recently. And a matchup as good as this is for the brow, I have a hard time not starting him against the second worst defensive team in the league.

Kevin Durant ($10,900) vs the Sixers – You know how I just said that the Lakers are the second-worst defensive team? How about having the best player in the league going up against the worst defensive team. I honestly cannot justify sitting him tonight. And don’t think that LeBron dropping 61 last night steer you away from KD. I think he’s going to come out doing everything in his power to beat Bron-Bron. It should be a fun night to see what KD does.

Blake Griffin ($9,300) vs the Suns – This is another one of those “the value is too good to pass up” plays for tonight. Phoenix is not the same defensive team they were in the beginning of the year, and the addition of CP3 definitely helps shift attention away from Griffin. He was listed over $10,000 at one point, so this is a steal in my book.  

Tony Parker ($7,300) vs the Cavs – The Frenchman looked fresh and ready to go his last game since coming back from injury. Sitting out some time did him some good, and he had a 35+ fantasy night to show for it. Anytime a guy has the potential for a 40+ fantasy night with a value under $7,500, it’s always hard for me to pass. He gets a banged up Cavs backcourt that hasn’t been great against the guards. Its more of a riskier play, but one that I’m willing to make at a lower price.


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