A Dynasty Perspective: Free Agent Follow-up

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This time a year ago the likes of Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson, Mike Wallace, and Wes Welker were notable free agents across the dynasty community. Bush was the biggest winner of the 2013 off-season and saw his value sky rocket — as well it should have. In 14 games, Bush touched the rock 277 times a career high for 1,512 yards yet another career high.

On March 11th this influx of value will happen to this 2014 free agent class. Trying to foresee this influx would give you a great advantage over your league mates, of course the risk of losing value is there also. I will tackle this class and give you my take on what to expect once the smoke has cleared in March.

Eric Decker

2013- 87 receptions 1288 yards 11 touchdowns

In 2013, Decker took the dynasty world by storm, only 26 years old and coming off a career year I expect a cap friendly team to give him a deal worth 40 million. The Broncos cannot contend with that dollar amount, the writing is on the wall, hes leaving Denver.  In my humble opinion Decker needs a true number one wide receiver lining up across from him in order to reach his dynasty potential. Best suitors for Decker’s service would start with the Panthers, I would throw the Chargers in the next tier especially with the Mike McCoy connection, pending the Browns figure out there quarterback situation they would be a nice consolation prize. Sell if  the Raiders and Jets make a run at him.

Hakeem Nicks

2013- 56 receptions 896 yards 0 touchdowns

From an outsider, it looks like the 26 year old wide receiver will test the market, there are rumblings out of New York they will attempt one final offer before March 11th. Although Nicks still has elite size, it seems the injury bug has finally caught up to him. Nicks had troubling doing anything good in 2013. The hope is Nicks just needs a fresh start to rejuvenate him, or a bionic set of legs. A report from Boston Herald says the Patriots are a possible fit, which would be best case scenario for Nicks. Carolina was said to have interest before the trade deadline passed.

Dexter McCluster

2013- 1202 all purpose yards 4 touchdowns

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At the age of 25, McCluster coming off a career year in his first season under new head coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs are expected to “make an effort” to resign him. McCluster is a versatile play maker that Reid has liked since his days at Mississippi, its not a surprise to see him thrive in a west coast system. There isn’t much dynasty value here but I would expect him to produce reserve type numbers as he gets more acquainted with the system, this system always find a way to make wide receivers fantasy relevant. Look for the Chiefs to lock McCluster up long term for a rather cheap price tag.

Kenny Britt

2013- 11 receptions 96 yards 0 touchdowns

Only 25 years old, Britt still has a future in this league, but that future however will not be in Tennessee.  The Titans have openly stated they have zero desire to resign Britt. I think that is the best news if you’re a Britt owner (much like Nicks) he needs a fresh start and has proven he can produce elite fantasy numbers. Britt has a checkered past, so expect the offers to be a one year deal. His value is low right now, so if you own him just hold until he’s signed somewhere. I really want the Patriots to take a chance on him rather then Nicks, but i could also see him in a Chargers uniform.

Jerome Simpson & Jacoby Ford

I want to mention Simpson and Ford real quick; I will be monitoring the situation they move to because both wide receivers are uber-talented and could make an impact if the stars align.

Ben Tate

2013- 215 touches 911 yards 4 touchdowns

Tate is 25 years old but only has 479 career touches. I expect Tate to look for a pay day with the possibility this is his last contract signed. This is the year Tate owners have been waiting for.  Non Arian Foster owners have been stashing him for this moment, and I think the patient owners will be rewarded. The Jets are rumored to have interest as well as the previous regime in Cleveland. If the Browns sign him he would be the lead back, however, in New York he may split time with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell.

Darren McFadden

2013- 131 touches 487 yards 5 touchdowns

The Raiders are only willing to bring the 26 year old back at the right price. I think the ship has sailed on McFadden as a feature back (which is most likely a good thing.)  He should still hold value in a committee situation if that is even enough to keep him healthy. The Bengals where rumored early on to show interest in McFadden and pair him up with the rookie sensation.  If he receives zero offers he could go crawling back to Oakland.

Donald Brown

2013- 129 touches 751 yards 8 touchdowns

At 26 years old, Brown resurrected his career and is now en route for a decent pay day.  I can’t see the Colts resigning him with the trade of Trent Richardson and Vick Ballard still on the roster. Brown should hold a decent amount of value wherever he lands; he is a weapon in the passing game. The Jets are a possible fit as Brown would be an upgrade over Powell as a complement to Ivory.

LeGarrette Blount

2013- 153 attempts 772 yards 7 touchdowns

At 27 years old, I expect the Patriots to sign Blount to a one year deal and let him walk after that. Blount did a great job of stepping in after Stevan Ridley fumbled his job away. I wanted to highlight Blount because once he resigns I think he is a sell high. Ridley is the more talented running back, so you never know what could happen as we saw last year.

La’Rod Stephens-Howling

I want to refresh owners of his name, LSH missed all of last year with a torn ACL, and it looks like the Steelers will resign him which would kill his value. If he signs somewhere else and works his way into a role position he could have some sneaky value.

Jermichael Finley

2013- 25 receptions 300 yards 3 touchdowns

Finely is only 26 years old and in all likelihood, he will not be returning to the Packers. Finley had spinal fusion surgery on the C3 and C4 vertebrae, and he will visit a neurosurgeon on March 7th in hopes to be cleared for contact. This is a little more risky, but again, I think this is another buy low window. I expect Finley to get a one year deal and prove he can still play at a high level, if all goes according to plan he signs a multi-year deal in 2015. Personally, I would like to see him on the Giants or Lions.

Michael Vick

2013- 1507 total yards 5 touchdowns 3 interceptions

At 33 years old, Vick has little to zero dynasty value regardless of where he lands. I will follow the situation by the chance he does get a starting gig as he is capable of QB1 numbers and could  win a match-up or two. Buccaneers and Vikings could be possible landing spots to put great talent around him and where he won’t be asked to carry the team.

Josh McCown

2013- 1829 passing yards 13 touchdowns 1 interception

The 34 year old journeymen quarterback looked like and all-pro for 8 weeks last year. I would like to see him stay with the Bears.  He is a perfect fit in the Trestman system, but he would also clog up a roster spot for the Culter owner if you feel handcuffing is necessary.  The Jets and Buccaneers are rumored to have strong interest as well as the Bears.  If he signs anywhere else other then Chicago I would sell as I feel he is a system quarterback.

–Eric Harrison/@FFPrimeTime







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