Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 2/21

Adam and Mary are two high schoolers out on a date. Adam took Mary out to get Fro-yo and listen to the sweet sounds of One Direction when driving her home. He pulls in her driveway and that’s when he decides to make his move. Things start heating up, but Mary pushes him away “No Adam, let’s wait until prom. I promise we can do it then.” He lets her go inside and immediately decides to ask her on a date the next day. Maybe next time things will go his way on the second date.

The next night he takes her to get Chipotle and then to see a movie. Afterwards, he pulls in her driveway and starts making his move a second time. Things start heating up, but Mary pushes him away again. “No Adam, let’s wait until prom. I promise we can do it then.” Now Adam knows that he will have to wait until prom, but he loves Mary so he decides to wait.

Prom night has finally come and Adam can feel himself going crazy. Nothing can keep his mind from wandering about later that night. He decides he simply cannot wait anymore and immediately goes to find Mary. He finally spots her in the crowd with her back turned to him. He softly walks besides her and whispers in her ear “let’s go get some punch.”. Just as she turns around, he winks at her. She smiles, returns the gesture while licking her lips. She pulls him closer as she grabs his hand. Slowly, she leads him away from everyone over to the table on the side by the drinks. Adam can’t believe his luck! Finally, things are going his way! Mary walks over, picks up a cup of punch, and gives it to him. Why? Because there was no punch line.

What does this have to do with fantasy hoops? Everything boils down to two choices: you can be Adam and wait on everything to happen to you, or you can be Mary who is terrible at taking social cues from other people. Clearly, it’s quite easy to see whom I resemble more.

So with that life lesson learned, enjoy the ten games tonight. All of my prices are based off of DraftKings. Good luck, and allons-y.

Start ‘Em

High priced players

Kyle Lowry ($8,400) vs the Cavs – Cleveland is 8-20 this season on the road. In addition, they are the second worst team in the league against point guards. Lowry only has one game below 30 points this month. He’s trending upward at the right time, and I think he should be in everyone’s lineup tonight.

Carmelo Anthony ($10,300) vs the Magic – I genuinely feel bad for Anthony from a fantasy perspective. He hasn’t scored less than 40 fantasy points except once in the past 15 games. I’m honestly surprised his price isn’t higher than this. Orlando is 6-19 so far in 2014 and they just bought out Glenn Davis’s contract. I’m not sure who will be guarding Melo, but it heavily him to score some serious points tonight.

Value priced players

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Kendall Marshall ($6,700) vs the Celtics – I very much miss the days of Swaggy being in the lineup, but it should be noted that Marshall has notched two 50+ fantasy point games in a row. Boston’s defense isn’t the same without Bradley on the court, and Marshall has the most to benefit from his absence. He may not break 50 tonight, but he should make a lot of owners happy.

Tiago Splitter ($3,800) vs the Suns – I know Diaw played more minutes than Splitter Wednesday night, but he vastly outplayed Diaw on the court. In fact, I would venture to say that it was the best that he has looked all season long. The Suns were playing well in the paint, but have left much to be desired in recent weeks. His minutes will from Wednesday night, and hopefully so will his production.

Sit ‘Em

Trey Burke ($5,500) vs the Blazers – The good news is that Burke looked great last game against the Nets, scoring over 30 fantasy points. The bad news is that was the first time in over a month that he broke 30 fantasy points. Burke has a juicy matchup against the blazers, but I’m not letting them being last in the league against the point steer me towards him. Inconsistency is killer in fantasy sports, and Burke is a trained assassin.

Chris Paul ($9,300) vs the Grizzlies – For as much as I write about how I don’t like the Pistons offense, I absolutely love the Grizzlies defense. I know CP3 is on a different level than most PGs in the league, but Memphis is on a whole different level defensively than everyone else in the league as well. In the past 5 games, they’ve only given up double-digit points to PG’s once. In addition, the Grizz are going to get a big boost from Conley playing more minutes. For the price of CP3, there are 4 or 5 other guys who are cheaper that have much better matchups that I would rather use.

Kenneth Faried ($5,600) vs the Bulls – Many owners will be running to get Faried after dropping a 40 burger on the Suns and 37 on the Bucks last night. While I like where Faried is heading, I don’t like his matchup in this game. Chicago has one of the best teams in the paint, and that’s where Faried makes his living. If he had more of a jump shot, then I could maybe justify it using him with such a cheap price. Unfortunately for us, that still hasn’t happened.

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