Pre-Combine Rookie RB Rankings: Dynasty Perspective

Pre-Combine Rookie RB rankings: Dynasty Perspective

    As mentioned in my previous wide receiver article, running backs would soon follow, and here it is! This may be a surprise to many of you but my number one running back is neither Ka’ Deem Carey or Lache Seastruck. I feel after studying this class there is only one running back that has the talent to be a special player for the next 4-5 years. Most of you that follow me on twitter will already be aware of this but for the others? Enjoy…..

  1. Isaiah Crowell- Crowell has the makings of a special football player, he simply stood out compared to others in this class. His vision, balance, and burst is among the elites on film, has game changing and big-play ability. Yes there are red flags with character issues, and this may be naive but I’m willing to overlook those because of his talent.
  2. Lache Seastrunk- Vision, burst and top-end speed is good to great, has the ability to “get small” through holes. Not the toughest runner of this class and needs to improve blocking technique.
  3. Terrance West- For 220 plus lbs his lateral ability and stutter-step is impressive, his allusiveness gives him the ability to be a patient runner yet explosive after the play develops. Polished football player.
  4. Tre Mason- Powerful, fiery, and aggressive runner with strong foot quickness, his vision is tremendous. Has big-play potential with make you miss agility, fun player to watch.
  5. Carlos Hyde- Powerful lower body, well polished with agility. balance, and strength, makes very few mistakes. Capable of starting from day one.
  6. Ka’Deem Carey- Foot quickness is his forte, sheds a massive amount of tackles because his feet are always moving, change of direction is very good. Plays with high intensity and effort.
  7. Bishop Sankey- Has a good balance of patience when a play needs to develop yet he gets downhill when there is an opening, has enough power to run through defenders, uses an impressive jump cut. Not a special player but polished all around game.
  8. Charles Sims- Does everything good, he is an aggressive pass blocker, good hands with some wiggle. Does not one thing great but should have a chance to make an impact rite away.
  9. Devonta Freeman- Quick feet that never stop moving, shakes off tacklers by driving his feet, has an impressive stutter-step, gets small through holes. Puts forth a great effort when pass blocking but just not very good, needs to work on technique.
  10. Storm Johnson- Has some wiggle to go with his size and power combo, good burst and acceleration. At times he hesitates too much leaving a few yards on the field.
  11. Antonio Andrews- Powerful, hard to bring down, good hands and serviceable pass blocker. Reminds me of a less explosive DeMarco Murray. Runs a bit upright and doesn’t have an elite burst.
  12. James White- Versatile weapon, capable of playing in the slot with good hands. Good vision and balance on the ground as well, Polished in every aspect, will contribute rite away on third downs.
  13. De’Anthony Thomas- Shows great patience while letting his blocks develop, has a great burst to explode through the hole, his foot quickness is great. Versatile weapon can line up anywhere.
  14. Henry Josey- I love his vision, seems like he has the ability to predict what defenders are going to do, He is able to elude the big hit(Shady McCoy is great at this), good hands and mediocre pass blocker. Lacks great acceleration, would like to see him explode through holes.
  15. James Wilder- Feisty runner with good balance, average in every department, vision, burst, hands and pass blocking. Not a real weak spot in his game.
  16. Branden Oliver- Small compact runner, powerful and has the allusiveness to make you miss, serviceable in the passing game as well. I see some Ray Rice and MJD in his game, doesn’t have their acceleration or burst.
  17. Jeremy Hill- Gets downhill with average agility and vision. His below average burst and acceleration will limit him.
  18. Marion Grice- Will be a weapon in the passing game, great hands, runs aggressive with good balance. His vision is not very good and doesn’t have the burst to explode up field.
  19. Rajion Neal- Impressive vision and balance, can make defenders miss. Not a powerful runner and needs to practice technique with pass blocking.
  20. Silas Redd- Has strong lateral movement. However his vision, burst, and toughness is mediocre.
  21. Andre Williams– Above average burst with toughness, enormous quad muscles. Not a threat in the passing game, 2 down RB.
  22. George Atkinson lll- Doesn’t hesitate, one cut and go, always seems to gain a extra yard or two after contact. Runs a little upright without doing any one thing great.
  23. Dri Archer- Good balance and vision, has another gear in the open field, Versatile, can play in the slot as well. Tends to hesitate in the backfield when nothing develops.
  24. La’Darius Perkins- Acceleration is great, will be a factor in the passing game, shifty and allusive athlete. Try’s to bounce outside too many times as a runner.
  25. Darrin Reaves- Decent acceleration, balance, and vision. If he changes the I want to take everything to the edge attitude he could be effective.
  26. Damien Williams- Has very good long speed, will be a useful receiver out of the backfield. Not a very powerful runner, vision and acceleration are below average.
  27. Kapri Bibbs- Very elusive and has good acceleration. Vision is sub-par, runs into his owns blockers at line of scrimmage and doesn’t fight off many defenders.
  28. Jerome Smith- Power, power and more power, no nonsense style, gets downhill in a hurry. 2 down back at the pro level.
  29. Jerick McKinnon– His speed is deceptive, great run blocker. Goes down on first contact too many times for his size, lateral agility is poor.
  30. Tyler Gaffney- Extremely tough runner, good blocker for passing game. Poor acceleration, vision and balance, zero lateral ability.—@FFPrimTime/Eric Harrison




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