Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 1/24


If you read yesterday’s article by Ricky (@RSandersFR), you would have been streets ahead in last night’s daily leagues. If you don’t understand what that means, well then you’re streets behind already. Him and I both agree that the fewer games to choose from, the more talent it takes when setting a daily lineup to be successful. Luckily, or haplessly depending on how you look at it, their are thirteen games tonight to pick and choose to fill your roster.

Before I get to my picks, I would like to encourage everyone on this Friday to follow the @FakeRoundball crew (@RSanderFR @SaidHeHadAStory and @patsfever24)  and if you want to get in on our daily contests, let myself or Ricky know. The earlier you let us know you want to join, the better your chances are of joining since they have been filling up rather quickly. It’s been first come, first serve and they have been increasing in popularity each week. The more people that play in the contest, the bigger the payout will be for those that finish in the top 25%. Plus, whats $2 for bragging rights against our experts to show how much more you know about fantasy hoops than us?

Now, lets allons-y with the picks for tonight. Good luck and stay warm.

Start ‘Em

Al Jefferson vs Knicks  – The last five games, AJ has averaged over twenty-four points, thirteen rebounds, three assists, and a block and steal each game. Tonight, he gets a Knicks team with no Amar’e, Kenyon Martin, or Bargnani. For as good as NY has been against bigs, they simply don’t have the depth to compete with the Bobcats. Tonight is definitely a night where I don’t mind spending the extra cash, even with so many options to choose from, because of his high ceiling.

Victor Oladipo vs Lakers – Nobody ever wants to see a player get injured, no matter what. But to say that Oladipo has benefitted from Vucevic being out is an understatement. Since Nikola went down, Olly has averaged 16/5/5. The Lakers have been the worst team against big guards the past two weeks, so I would expect Olly to continue his hot hand.

Terrence Ross vs Sixers – Here’s a positive for Philly fans: your team is actually inside the top ten in a defensive category. The Sixers have been the ninth best team against the four the past two weeks. The fact that Philly is top ten in anything defensively is a huge surprise to me. Now before you start thinking I’m crazy about starting Ross, hear me out: In the two games against Philly this season, Ross has averaged over twenty points and six boards. Throw in an assist and a block, and that is serious value for someone who has four points combined the past two games. I know I may be reaching here but if Ross continues the trend, you will hit big tonight for such a cheap value play.

Sit ‘Em

Derrick Williams vs Pacers – No Boogie and no Gay for the Kings means more minutes for Williams. This is one of the few instances where I believe that a cheaper fill-in will do more harm than good for your team. He’s only $5000 on DraftKings, but I still that price is a little high for a guy going against a tough defensive team. Not to mention, the Pacers will be out for blood after getting hammered by the Suns on Wednesday. It’s a high risk/low reward matchup that isn’t necessary on a night with so many games.

Monta Ellis vs Nets – Life is funny in the way that things work out. It’s almost as if the fantasy basketball gods laid a map for us to follow with Ellis for tonight: the Nets are 8-1 so far in January. The one loss that they have is against the Raptors. The Raptors played the Mavs on Wednesday and won. That was only the second time in ten games that Ellis scored less than thirty fantasy points. Brooklyn is a much better defensive team against guards than the Raptors. Notice this chain of events? All signs point to staying away from Ellis and I am one that is going to listen.

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Dwight Howard vs Grizzlies – This is one where I could completely be wrong, but I have a feeling that Dwight is going to have a long night against the Big Burrito (by far my new favorite nickname in basketball) and Z-Bo. The Grizz are actually the second best team against centers since Gasol has come back. Howard has been hot lately, but with his price tag being almost 20% of your budget, I would look to spend more money on other guys with better matchups.


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