Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 1/17

First things first, happy Friday Hoop Heads. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely glad this week is over. Luckily, I can unwind tonight with the twelve games that are going to be popping tonight. Vegas has nine of the twelve games going over the two hundred point mark. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some sweaty men fighting for a ball going into a cylinder. Lets allons-y with the picks:

Start ‘Em

Trey Burke vs Pistons – Burke has scored double-digit points in four of his last five games, and has had at least six assists to go along with it. With no Hayward tonight, I see Burke as a great value start that could put up some serious points. Not to mention Detroit has been an abysmal defensive team, so Burke has a high ceiling for tonight.

Anybody that plays the point for Philly/Miami – Both teams have been atrocious against the little guys lately. In fact, Charlotte has only been worse than these two the last two weeks. MCW has a higher asking price than most other PGs, but I think he is worth the extra money. I think LGJ and DWade also have monster games as well. It’s hard to go wrong with any of them.

Jared Sullinger vs Lakers – Coming off another 20/20 night, I would not be the least bit surprised if he did it again against a terrible defensive Lakers team. Not to mention that his points will look to go up because Rondo will create more open space for him. With such a cheap asking price, it’s hard to pass up the value.

Sit ‘Em

Blake Griffin vs Knicks – Excluding the game CP3 got injured, the Clips have scored 100+ points in every game except one. Most of that credit should go to BG averaging twenty-four points a game, eight rebounds, and over five assists. But for as weird as this is going to sound, New York is actually not a bad defensive team. I said it in one of my first articles and I know people were laughing at me. But the fact of the matter is that they are top twelve in the league against every position except the two. With BG being so limited in his range, I have a hard time paying such a high price to play him.

Arron Afflalo vs Bobcats – The Bobcats, at one point, had one of the top five defenses in the league at the beginning of the year. Well as you can see, that ship has sailed. But to be fair, they have been playing better defensive as of late, especially against high volume shooters. That does not bode well for A-r-ron. Not to mention he is coming off a bum ankle injury, so his minutes could be limited.

Kevin Durant vs Warriors – I know KD has been en fuego the last five games, scoring over thirty in each game, but I will make a bold prediction that KD will not score over thirty tonight. I think he has less than fifty fantasy points tonight. While that may seem absurd to some people, paying over 1/5 of your team salary on one player better yield great results. I think KD cools down after logging so many minutes and with Iggy playing at such a high level on defense.


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