Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 1/14

When I am home alone in the early afternoons, I like to do something that I know everyone does, regardless of race, gender, and religion. Every one has done it at some point in their life and will almost certainly do it again, even if we don’t want to admit it. What is this dirty thing? Watch an episode of Family Feud, of course. I mean, who doesn’t love yelling at their television as a socially oblivious family tries to guess the top five answers a group ignorant strangers give to a random question. In case you didn’t know or are too young to know what the feud is, it used to be the pinnacle of family television until being surpassed by American Idol and My Little Pony (amirite Bronies?).

Now, I bring up Family Feud because a question was asked that got me thinking and almost gave an aneurysm at the same time: If Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all-time, who is the second best? Spoiler alert: Shaq was voted #2 over Kobe and Magic, while Russell, Kareem, and Wilt didn’t even make the list.  After screaming at my television and blacking out due to lack of oxygen, I got to thinking about who would be the best fantasy basketball player of all-time. Jordan would be the obvious number one, but that’s where it gets tricky. I would lean towards Wilt being my number two and Oscar my number three. If you want to find out why those are my top three, give me a shout on Twitter (@SaidHeHadAStory) and also let me know if you agree or not. We can get more into stats and specifics on there.

But that’s enough of that before my head starts to hurt again. We have a lighter evening of hoops, compared to last night, with only four games on the slate. I am a firm believer that nights with less than five games are where the real daily players make their money. It requires much more skill and creating a roster that makes your team standout. So with that being said, allons-y with my picks!

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Start ‘Em

Mike Conley vs Thunder – Most people are going to look at the game and not even think to use Conley. But what most people don’t realize is that OKC is in the last third of the league against the back court, and it has only gotten worse since Westbrook went down. With so few games tonight, I would rather use Conley over Irving and use that extra money somewhere to give your team that extra boost.

Anderson Varejao/Tristan Thompson vs Lakers – If you read my articles, you know that I scream from the top of a mountain to start players against the Sixers whenever the opportunity presents itself. As of lately, I have been feeling the same way about teams playing the Lakers. For as bad as Mike D’Antoni has been as a defensive coach, honestly, this might be his worst team he has attempted to coach. For those of you worrying about a blowout, have no fear: Cleveland is 3-16 on the road this year. Should be a close game where TT and Varejao get big minutes to put up big fantasy points.


 Sit ‘Em

DeMarcus Cousins vs Pacers – Oh Boogie…I honestly don’t even know what to say about him anymore. There is honestly nothing that he can do that will surprise me. That includes him going for a 30/10 night, leading the way for the Kings to beat the Pacers. But before you start buying that, I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery twice in a row than that happening. Indiana is the best defensive team in the league, and it’s not even close. Not only are they the best team against the front court, they haven’t given up at least 100 points since mid-December. Oh, and they only gave up 66 points last game to the Wizards, only 29 in the second half. Unless you want to pray for a miracle, leave Boogie out your lineup.


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