Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 12/3

It feels great to be back after my week-long Thanksgiving vacation. While most of you were drowning in snow and cold weather for Thanksgiving, I was soaking up some sun and getting drunk off of lobster in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, my happy spirits took a slight downward turn, as my guy Anthony Davis suffered a fracture in his non-shooting hand. He should be back sometime in January, but his return date in unclear at the moment.

Luckily, it’s the holiday season so my spirits are up and cheerful. Eight games on the schedule for this evening, that means plenty of value to choose from when making your lineups. I feel really good about my picks tonight, so hopefully this holiday mojo shines through in daily play. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and will continue to enjoy the holiday season. Now, allons-y with the picks for tonight:


Start ‘Em

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Russell Westbrook vs Kings – KD has been the hottest player in the league this past week. His numbers seem like something out of a video game and I have a hard time seeing him slow down against a bad Kings team. But looking at the last two games for the Kings, they have been giving up big numbers to the backcourt. They have allowed 30+ two games in a row against athletic guards and their may not be a more athletic guard than Westbrook. KD should have a big night as well, but the value of Westbrook in daily leagues is in the same tier as MCW, Curry, Lawson, and Dragic, so I think the value here is too good to pass up.

Jared Sullinger vs Bucks – This is a rematch of three days ago when Sullinger had twenty-one points and fourteen rebounds, twelve of which were on offensive end. The Bucks frontcourt can’t seem to stop a nosebleed as of lately and I think Sullinger gets more confidence building off two monster games out of his three previous ones. The Bucks are second to last in the league in rebounding so even if he doesn’t put up the points, he will get the boards to make up for it.

Arron Afflalo vs Sixers – Speaking of terrible defense, the Sixers take the cake. Opponents average over 110 points a game against them. Remember the 2011 Bobcats that finished with the worst record of all time? Well they gave up ten fewer points per game than the Sixers are right now. With Afflalo being the best scoring option for the Magic, he should have a very good night against this terrible defense.


Sit ‘Em

Goran Dragic vs Grizzlies – If you follow me on twitter (@SaidHeHadAStory) or our fellow writer (@RSanderFR), then you know how high we are on Dragic here at FakeRoundball. Every night he brings it and continues to impress leading a Suns team that has shattered expectations from the beginning of the season. The problem is that he is matched up against Tony Allen tonight who still plays great defense. I fully believe Dragic is capable of a big game, but the uncertainty is steering me away from using him tonight.

Josh Smith vs Heat – Another article, another night I’m down on a Pistons player. I promise, I do not have a personal vendetta against the Pistons or the city of Detroit, or anything like that, it just so happens that tonight they get the Miami Heat. Now, the Heat haven’t lost a game since November 9th and only lost once at home all season. Smith has the pleasure of matching up against LeBron, which is never a good thing for fantasy basketball. I would much rather play guys like Iguodala, Thompson, or DeRozan who are much cheaper and have better matchups.

Any Nets player not named Lopez vs Nuggets – Denver is the hottest team in the league that nobody is talking about for some reason. They started off 1-4 but have won nine out of their last eleven games. Except for the Minnesota game last week, they haven’t given up more than one hundred points on their six game winning streak. Tonight the Nets will be without Williams or Pierce (or any drinks on the court), so things aren’t looking good for the struggling Nets who average less than 96 points a game.

Fantasy just got a whole lot better thanks to Monkey Knife Fight. With fast-paced games like Rapid Fire and Either/Or, it’s never been easier to play fantasy and win. New to MKF? Get Exclusive $100 Deposit Match + Free $5 Game


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