Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 11/18

If you follow me on twitter @RSandersFR, or you follow the site @FakeRoundball, then you’d see that Mondays especially will be dedicated to answering our follower’s questions. Obviously the fantasy week begins Monday, so getting questions answered on time are important. If you would like to see your question answered in an article at full length, feel free to tweet either one of the accounts above!

The two questions below were both excellent questions. Answering them in 140 characters really just didn’t do them justice. Beyond those two questions, as always, are the plays and sits of the day in daily fantasy basketball basketball for your viewing please. So today we have a smorgasbord of fantasy basketball information. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Viewer Questions:

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Question 1:  Ibaka, Marion, W. Matthews for Kobe, Dragic, and Jordan Hill. Which side do you like? – from @coltdawg

This question would be a lot more simple if Kobe were back. The latest report says Kobe is expected back at practice on Tuesday. Even with full clearance to practice, however, there is still no timetable for his return. We heard last week that he may not play until after Thanksgiving, but with the latest news, I’m not so sure I’m buying that. Kobe is the NBA’s greatest warrior and he will be back on the court the second he feels he can make half an impact. With that being said, Ibaka is the best player in this deal as long as Kobe is injured. We’re not completely sure which Kobe is going to show up even when he does step on the court. However, I much prefer Dragic to Wesley Matthews and Jordan Hill to Shawn Marion. Hill has broken out in a big way and I believe the breakout is legitimate. So if you’re worried on having to bet on an injured Kobe the rest of the way, the fact that you win pretty heftily in the rest of the deal would convince me to take that side. If I had to choose, I would risk taking the side with an injured Kobe so you can get the two other upgrades.

Questions 2: Since Ryan Anderson is back for the pelicans should I drop Jason Smith for Reggie Evans for rebounding? – from @DBSPORTSMANIAC

Evans is a player averaging 12 MPG, so what is there to like about him? Well, if you are unfamiliar with the statistic rebound percentage, let me enlighten you: total rebound percentage is an estimate of the percentage of available rebounds a player grabbed while he was on the floor. On the same note, defensive rebound percentage is an estimate of the percentage of available rebounds a player grabbed while he was on the floor. Last season, Reggie Evans led the NBA in both. If you forgot, players like Dwight Howard, David Lee and Kevin Love (even though he was injured) play in the NBA. 2012 was actually the second season Evans has accomplished that feat (2004).  Despite the fact that he’s only playing 12 MPG, he’s still averaging 14.2 rebounds per-36 minutes. What is that saying? All Reggie Evans needs is 25.34 minutes of court time to average 10 rebounds. The whole team is injured and being sat more than owners would like including Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett. Evans isn’t the next man up, but should see an okay amount of minutes moving forward. Jason Smith literally does nothing: his per-36 numbers are 13.7 PTS and 6.1 REB. Giving him a large number of minutes with Ryan Anderson back does the team no good. He has zero upside. For that reason, I have no problems dumping him and adding Reggie Evans even if it is speculative. Update: Evans is in the starting lineup tonight.

Daily Fantasy Basketball

Players I Love:

Monta Ellis – $8,000 – In the highest over/under of the night, Monta Ellis and the Dallas Mavericks take on the Philadelphia 76ers. Why do I like this match up? The 76ers are allowing over 111 points per game or almost 5 more than any other team. Monta has been easily the team’s leading scorer. Sometimes I argue don’t look at the opposing player he’ll be matched up against because there’s a such thing as team defense and player will get help on defense all the time. However, there really isn’t much help in Philadelphia, and James Anderson isn’t the world’s best defender, so there’s really not much to be timid about in starting Ellis.

Kenneth Faried – $6,500 – Faried’s minutes have been up lately and he has been taking full advantage of it. In the last 7 days, Faried is averaging a double-double with 15 PPG and 11.5 REB. Finally unleashing the Manimal, Denver is relying on his energy at times to carry the team. Just look at the 5.3 offensive rebounds per game over that span. With the ability to clean up everyone’s mess in the game with the second highest over/under, at that price, he’s a no-brainer.

Reggie Evans – $3,000 – Andray Blatche looked like the play until Evans was announced as the starter tonight. At the absolute bare minimum price, you really don’t need much production to rationalize using him. As you read earlier before, Evans is a rebounding monster and will add in defensive statistics from time to time. He won’t give you many points, limiting his upside, but starting against a weak rebounding team like Portland means 10+ boards could be in order. Take the risk.

Players I Won’t Use:

Any Bobcats – Chicago is a 12.5 point favorite tonight at home vs Charlotte. They are one of the better defensive teams in the league. With no Al Jefferson, I am really avoiding this team. I sometimes like Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson, but Kemba is shooting just 24.6% over the last week and Henderson is at 34. The team has been struggling and I think the Bulls put a beat down on them tonight. Their back ups may be worth starting at bare minimum price for garbage time, but that’s about it.

Derrick Favors – $8,100 – Utah’s bigs have been extremely frustrating. They seem to switch off having big nights from game to game. At a price more expensive than Evan Turner, it’s just too much of a crap shoot for me to rely on. In a game with a surprisingly low over/under of 196 and the team being a 8.5 point underdog, there’s just more upside elsewhere. Gordon Hayward is the man from Utah that I’ll be using tonight instead.


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