Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 11/1


Thirteen games on the NBA slate tonight. Not a single game has a double digit spread so we should be in for a treat. Maybe the most surprising aspect of the games tonight is the fact that a game involving the San Antonio Spurs has the highest over/under. Yes, the official over/under for the Spurs/Lakers game is 207. The next few highest are Mavericks/Rockets (205), Timberwolves/Thunder (202) and Kings/Clippers (201).

While spreads are not everything, they can at least be a deciding factor if we are deciding between two guys. When setting my lineup for tonight, I went back and forth with plenty of options. I just love when there is a plethora of NBA action to choose from. After careful analysis, here is a list of three players I love tonight and three that I won’t be using. All prices listed are according to Draftkings: my favorite fantasy basketball daily site.

Players I Love:

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Dwight Howard – $9,500 – Ah, it’s nice and refreshing when Dwight actually likes where he’s at. Considering the fact that Dwight chose to be in Houston, it wasn’t surprising that he made himself at home in game #1. In just his first game in his newest staying place, he tied a career high with 26 rebounds. As long as he stays out of foul trouble, we can assume the 35 minutes he played will be a trend moving forward. Tonight, in the game with the second highest over/under, Dwight matches up against Maverick’s center Samuel Dalembert. At one point in his career, Dalembert was considered a defense and rebounding specialist. After not being able to earn minutes in Milwaukee last season, Dalembert has literally found the only team he’d be able to start for. He’s 32 years old and just about done. Dwight’s size and speed in the post will give Sammy D no chance. Expect another monster line from D12.

Eric Bledsoe – $6,900 – Between Bledsoe and Dragic, they match up against Jamaal Tinsley and Gordon Hayward. Thabo Sefolosha is basically offensive-deficient and yet finished as OKC’s second highest scorer in game 1. I don’t think Hayward is a terrible defender but there is no chance he can match up with Bledsoe’s athleticism. Even though you may not know it, Bledsoe is probably in the top 5 in the league when it comes to athleticism. Bledsoe’s skill set gives him the chance to fill stat sheets on any given night, and I believe this will be one of those nights. He went 22, 7 and 6 in the team’s first game, and I expect something pretty similar tonight.

Kawhi Leonard – $5,800 – I can’t help but think Vegas knows something here. San Antonio having the biggest number on an over/under means someone is going to have to score. The Spurs are favored by 7.5 so apparently they should be doing most of the scoring. I wanted to go with Tony Parker but his lines can be somewhat limited beyond points and assists. Leonard scores efficiently, rebounds, steals and blocks……..and oh by the way, he gets matched up against that terrible defender Nick Young. Even if the long-armed Xavier Henry gets the assignment of covering Leonard, his line is balanced enough to take the shot at this price.

Players I Won’t Use:

James Harden – $10,400 – The beard is suffering from a sore lower back. He had to leave last game for a period and then didn’t practice on Thursday. Something is going on here. While the match up looks nice, the injury is enough to make me wary at this price. If you’re going to spend on the absolute superstar, I’d rather go with LeBron or Durant.

Greg Monroe – $7,600 – Monroe gets Memphis and maybe the best defensive center in the league in Marc Gasol. This game is the second lowest over/under of the night at 188. The Pistons have other rebounders and post scorers, so if Monroe can’t gain position, the guards will just look to Josh Smith or Andre Drummond. Similarly priced centers include Anthony Davis, Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors and Pau Gasol. I would much rather play any of those guys tonight as opposed to the Pistons’ man in the middle.

Paul Pierce – $6,300 – Bring on the champs! Coming off an embarrassing loss to the Sixers, the Miami Heat now make their way to Brooklyn. No doubt LeBron and company are going to be pissed off and are going to want to take it out on the Nets. Piece is going to have the task of guarding LeBron and vice versa. Guarding the king is going to take a lot of energy out of Piece, and don’t sleep on LBJ’s defense either. LeBron is quietly one of the better defenders in the NBA so Pierce may be in for a long night. Usually Pierce shows up for big games, but I’m not willing to take a shot on him tonight. Let him be someone else’s problem.

Fantasy just got a whole lot better thanks to Monkey Knife Fight. With fast-paced games like Rapid Fire and Either/Or, it’s never been easier to play fantasy and win. New to MKF? Get Exclusive $100 Deposit Match + Free $5 Game


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