Week 9 NFL Spread Picks

Season to Date: 8-12-1

The picks are back after a week off. I’m traveling from Houston to Charlotte this weekend and I’ll be checking out the Panthers Falcons game, which projected to be an important game when I scheduled the trip. Instead the Panthers are favored by over a TD and the Falcons have lost their season. Still, I’m expecting a good game. The Panthers don’t live up to expectations very well.

These spreads are accurate as of 2:30 PM on 10/31/13 from www.sportsbook.com  and are likely to move by gametime. Half points do matter, so hit me up on Twitter if you want my opinion on a play after the line has moved

Ravens -3

My lock of the week. The Ravens coming off a bye, against a division rival, who haven’t won a game with a QB not named Brian Hoyer. Ray Rice has had 2 weeks to get fully healthy (if you believe that’s whats causing his struggles). I do and I think he’s going to be featured heavily this game. I think Marlon Brown is due for another good game with Torrey Smith being locked down by Haden.

Bills +3.5

This one is a gut instinct. The Chiefs look like the obvious pick here. Does anyone think they are going to go undefeated? They are heading to Buffalo where it is getting cold. The Bills are getting desperate and haven’t necessarily lost the season. They are 3-5 but have beaten the Panthers, Ravens and Dolphins. Those teams aren’t elite but they aren’t scrubs. I think the Chiefs slip up for a game and the Bills take it.

Titans -3

Can we agree that the Rams are a mess? Kellen Clemens is the new worst QB in the league. After starting 3-1 the Titans have lost 3 straight games. They are due for a win and Jake Locker knows that. I feel like the running game is due for a breakout game. The Rams pass rush is legit, but if CJ2K-no more can break a few big runs they can control the game on the ground. The Titans claim to give both RBs the ball a lot this week. I like their chances when they control the ground game versus putting the ball in the air 30+ times.





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