The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Report: Week 8

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“You see, in this world there’s two types of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

Oddly enough, this immortal quote from Clint Eastwood, a.k.a “Blondie”, in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” also applies to fantasy football. You see, in our fake little world there’s two types of people: those that play IDP and those who don’t. If you find yourself getting all warm and tingly inside when a linebacker brings down a ball carrier or when a lineman comes off the edge and takes off the opposing quarterback’s head, then you know full well of the joys that accompany playing the superior version of fake football. If that doesn’t happen to you…well, you can keep digging…

Each week, the “GBU Report” will rundown what transpired in the previous week of IDP; highlighting some of the good, bad, and you guessed it, maybe even some ugly performances from the “other” side of the ball. And then, in addition to reminiscing on what was, I will also give you a brief preview of what to possibly expect in the upcoming week.

Clint full of #Rig/

Clint full of #Rig/

The Good

TJ Ward DB/Clev: 10 solo tackles, 1 sack

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As PFF’s #2 overall safety, Ward is having quite the season, but his last 4 games have been dominant; over that span he’s racked up 38 total tackles (31 solo), 3 passes defended, 1 Int, 1 sack, and 1 TD. Obviously the tackles stand out, and fantasy owners no doubt are delighted with how much he’s around the ball. Cleveland is rather liberal with their stud safety, allowing him plenty of time in the box, and that should lead to continued high tackle totals. The question with Ward has always been health, so as long as he can stay on the field he should produce at a high level.

Muhammed Wilkerson DL/NYJ: 4 total tackles (2 solo), 1 sack, 1 pass defended, 1 Int

The sack on Sunday against Cincinnati brings Wilkerson’s total to 7 on the year. The 3rd year pro has reeked havoc on opposing offensive lines, and has racked up an impressive 16.2 PFF rating; good enough for 3rd amongst 3-4 defensive ends. If he stays on this pace, he will have double digit sacks (something not easily done by a 3-4 end) and will be a DL1.

Deangelo Hall DB/Wash: 4 solo tackles, 3 passes defended, 2 Int’s, 1 TD

Ahhh, another classic example of a dream fantasy day for a cornerback. Hall doesn’t come down with those picks, it’s just another ho-hum fantasy day, but he did and viola he’s the #1 scoring fantasy DB for week 8.

Mychal Kendricks LB/Phi: 12 total tackles (11 solo)

Philly’s defense has been atrocious, and really, so has Kendricks (-19.0 PFF rating-ouch), but despite the poor *real life* play he’s actually been holding his own for fantasy. He’s currently a high-end LB3, and has only 3 games where hasn’t registered at least 6 solo tackles–an encouraging sign. The lack of talent around him actually bodes well for his fantasy stock going forward.

Fantasy just got a whole lot better thanks to Monkey Knife Fight. With fast-paced games like Rapid Fire and Either/Or, it’s never been easier to play fantasy and win. New to MKF? Get Exclusive $100 Deposit Match + Free $5 Game

Robert “The Mighty” Quinn DL/Stl: 5 solo tackles, 3 sacks

Have you heard the song? You’ve heard the song, right? Well, at least listen to Jon Gruden’s version. Quinn’s an animal, but you knew that.

The Kiko

After a fluky week 7, the stud rookie linebacker was back to his dominant ways: 11 total tackles (8 solo).

Lee Van Cleef and mustache in all it's glory/

Lee Van Cleef and mustache in all it’s glory/

The Bad

James Lauranitis LB/Stl: 3 total tackles (2 solo)

Lauranitis has been an elite IDP option for years and despite a somewhat “down” year thus far, he’ll remain one. The Seahawks tried to do most of their damage through the air on Monday night, which meant that the Rams’ defensive line and backs got most of the opportunities and left Lauranitis with little to work with. No need to get your fantasy football panties in a twist though, he’s elite and he’ll get back to doing what he does.

Tamba Hali LB/KC: 2 solo tackles

This is what happens when a “Game Changer” has a slow day. Edge rushers like a Hali have huge upside, but unfortunately unless they get home for a sack or two they’re probably gonna hurt your cause. The Chiefs get Buffalo next week who currently have a -2.1 pass block rating per PFF; Hali should be able to do some damage.



The Ugly

Jared Allen DL/MIn: Nada…

It always hurts when you get a zero from anybody, but it hurts even more when it comes from somebody that was likely drafted within the top 5 of his position. Allen has a mere 5 sacks through 7 games so far, and actually has been kept off the stat sheet completely twice. He’s still one of the best at his position, and while a change of scenery at the trade deadline would’ve been nice, you still have to roll him out there each week.




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