Week 3 NFL Spread Picks

Last Week ATS: 1-2

Season to Date: 2-4

These spreads are accurate as of 11:30 AM on 9/22/13 from www.sportsbook.com  and are likely to move by gametime. Half points do matter, so hit me up on Twitter if you want my opinion on a play after the line has moved.

Indianapolis +10

San Fran is a great team and they are coming off a loss, but Indy’s offense is very good. I see this as the classic garbage-time cover here as Luck excels in the 4th quarter. Indy may not get a real shot to win the game, but they put up points when it matters and cover the spread.

Oakland +16

The Raiders have 9 sacks in 2 games and the Broncos just lost their best OL Ryan Clady. I think Peyton is under pressure all day and doesn’t get to run the score up on Oakland. I hate to put any sort of faith in the Raiders this year, but 16 points is an awful lot in an NFL game. I’d also bet on Seattle for what it’s worth.

New York Giants -3

This is a make or break game for the G-Men. I have to believe that they are going to come out and not start 0-3. This line has moved 4 points over the past few days as they started out +1 to Carolina. David Wilson breaks a big run and gives New York the momentum away and Eli runs with it.

Week 3 Survivor Pick: Denver

Teams Chosen: Indianapolis, Philadelphia




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