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According to multiple reports, Arian Foster is having back issues. The problem is, this isn’t your ordinary sore back: the pain is radiating into his legs.

Not good.

Foster’s production has gone down over the past three years including his YPC. Last three years?: 4.9, 4.4, 4.1.

Again, not good.

I have a personal friend who is a doctor and has been working for about 30 years now. I asked him about the Foster injury, and here’s what he had to say:

“Epidural steroids are for disc bulge/herniation, and/or facet arthritis … 5-30 days … sometimes a second or third injection (2-3 weeks apart) is needed. Relief may occur in 3 days, or take a few weeks ….”

Then I told him that the season starts in two weeks and asked the percent chance he would give Foster to play. His response didn’t even make sense in my head until later that night:

“50-75% of the season, or none of the season … guessing odds 4:1 of returning. The fact that there is discussion of him playing, makes me think the impingement (neuroforaminal narrowing) is not that great.”

Yes, you read that right… THE SEASON. Basically the reason why the injury is so monumental is because of the radiation into the legs. The shots that he is getting will only relieve the pain, not get rid of it. My doctor friend gives him a “25% chance” to play Week 1. Trust the doctor. 

As a result, Ben Tate becomes a hot commodity. Per, he is currently being taken at 9.06 and 10.02 in Standard and PPR leagues respectively in 12-team formats. With the recent Foster news, Tate easily becomes a value pick in Round 7. If you own Ben Tate, but not Arian Foster, look to trade Tate to the Foster owner and aim as high as you desire.

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