NHL Snipers in Diapers – Top Performances from Wednesday Nov. 7th

Hello and welcome back to the next list of NHL Snipers in Diapers! This is your non-stop shop for the youth movement in the NHL. You might be thinking, what in the heck does that mean? Well let me tell you!

You can easily find your lists of ‘Top 25 Under 25’ around the wide web of the world, but this will not simply just be a list of everyone 25 and under. What we will provide you (potential readers) is a daily, or near daily discussion of the slate of games the night prior and seek out some of the top performances of players age 23 and under. Today we are going to look at the nine-game slate from Tuesday, November 6th.

This can be useful in a number of ways.

  1. Seasonal Fantasy League – This can give you an idea of some of the best young talent around the league, night in and night out.
  2. DFS – If you play daily fantasy sports on DraftKingsFanDuel, or one of the many DFS websites, you may see some of these young studs’ names appear on your list. In some cases, you may find them cheaper than some of the more established talent in the league.
  3. Draft/Dynasty – Have you ever been part of a dynasty fantasy league? If not, I highly recommend it. It brings the armchair GMs out of their comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to really build your franchise from the ground up. If you do partake in a dynasty league, you know better than most that you need young talent to build your team now, and for the future.

3 Diapers of the Night

3rd Diaper: Nikita Zadorov

Things did not go so well for the Avs at home last night. It felt like they spent the majority of the night booing P.K. Subban, and cheering when he lost an edge. Zadorov still stood out as the announcers continued to compare him to Ivan Drago of the famous Rocky IV. He managed to finish even in 17:25 on ice and produced two shots on net. Where Zadorov stood out most was defensively with five hits and four blocked shots. This is no surprise as he led the league in hits by 24 last season with 278.

2nd Diaper: Jacob Larsson

It is rare that two of the diapers will be defenders. Nobody at diaper status produced in the Pittsburgh and Washington game, which left us with just four teams on the night. Insert Jacob Larsson, defender for the Anaheim Ducks. Larsson had an assist in 21:16 time on ice. He provided his team with some solid defense, blocking three shots and stepping into an opposing skater with a hit. The only reason he beats out the few honorable mentions is that his team won and was a little more involved in the action.

1st Diaper: Matthew Tkachuk

In a losing effort, Tkachuk netted a goal on four shots. He added a hit in just over 20 minutes of ice time. From a daily fantasy sports perspective, Tkachuk was the diaper with a goal and that’s what we’re looking for first and foremost. However, he and the Flames came up short against the 7-7-3 Ducks.

He may not be the better of the two Tkachuk’s currently in the NHL, but Matthew is solidifying himself while Brady nears a return to the ice. The 20-year old already has 19 points through 16 games. He has a four-game point streak working with three goals and three assists in his last four matches. The possession. metrics are off the chart as well with a CF% of 60.3 and a FF% of 58.8.

Honorable Mentions




Kevin Fiala – 1 assist and 1 shot on goal.

Elias Lindholm – 1 assist and 2 shots on goal. 23:59 time on ice.


Olli Maatta – 2 shots on goal and 4 blocked shots.



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