Meet the FakePigskin Staff!

Adam Rainbolt: Founder/Owner/Writer/IT Nerd @adamrainbolt - He built this website on Mountain Dew and Star Wars knowledge.  Partied at the Playboy mansion. What have you done?

Regan Yant: Co-Owner/General Manager/Supercross Writer @ReganFP - His half of FakePigskin was founded on two premises: kicking ass and drinking beer; it seems he is almost out of beer. World traveler, he has rode a camel in the Arabian Desert, fell off a pier drunk in Hong Kong, wrestled a crocodile in Australia, and earned his Golden Shellback card by crossing the 180th Meridian. He truly believes malt liquor tastes better when you have problems. When not on the hunt for the fabled Mermaid and Merman, you can find him off-roading the deserts of Arizona or the dunes of Glamis. “Dude, where’s my car?”

Luke Taylor: Editor in Chief of EPL/MLB, Original Piggy  @LTtheGreat - It’s been said that “There and Back Again. A Hobbit’s Tale” could have easily been written about his fantasy writing career. Actually, you remember when he said that “There and Back Again. A Hobbit’s Tale” could have easily been written about his fantasy career? Yeah, here’s the thing…He made that up. Nobody’s ever said that or even thought about saying that. Although, he did start writing for awhile, retired for like two months, and then decided he missed it so he came back, so maybe somebody did say that about his career? He usually tries to weave movie quotes or song lyrics into his writing, much to the detriment of the article. He has been known to prognosticate about prospects, IDP, and English football. Yeah, that’s right, he calls soccer football. Get over it.

Steve Schulz: Editor in Chief of Fantasy Football  @SteveIDP – Steve Schulz has been a human piñata, a hazard waste recycler, home improvements telemarketer, a bowling alley pin monkey, and a picker-upper of bee-filled aluminum cans. And those are just the good gigs. Now he writes about individual defensive player (IDP) fantasy football, and also runs a business in his free time. In the words of his favorite band, The Replacements, “it beats pickin’ cotton, and waitin’ to be forgotten.”

Josh Honses: Editor in Chief of NBA/DFS @SaidHeHadAStory - He originally found FakePigskin while he was Google searching for a cheap solution to do his own taxidermy. He refuses to go to the gym to pay for free weights. Going to school to major in Netflix, he almost went for a minor in drinking but that is illegal and generally frowned upon. He is still wondering how universal remotes work, nothing changes except his television. If you ever need a hand with anything, he is always here to clap.

Blake Meek: CFB/NFL Draft Editor/Writer/Content Manager @BMeek23 - Who does the most interesting man in the world find interesting? Who trained Chuck Norris in the ways of fighting? Who does Mel Kiper go to for draft advice? Who built the great pyramids? The answers to all those and so much more is one man, Blake Meek. He leaves his NFL Draft advice here for the masses to see. Everyone enjoy.

Vance Meek: CFB/NFL Draft Editor/Writer/Content Manager  @vancemeek -

This is a story, all about how

My football fandom got to now

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit down some

And I’ll tell you how I became a fan in Paul Brown Stadium


It was East Kentucky, born and raised

Watching football is how I spent most of my days

Stressin’ out, boozin’ considered starting usin’

Cause my team couldn’t figure out how to stop losin’

When a couple of Steelers fans up to no good

Started talking smack in my neighborhood

I could say much without looking really dumb

So I had to hide in shame at Paul Brown Stadium


Fast forward in time and my head is held high

My license plate says I’m a Bengals fan for life

Purple, gold, and brown are nowhere to be found

So I run out and yell, “Yo, everybody, to Paul Brown”


I pulled up the field about 7 or 8

And I yelled to my rivals, “Who Dey!” “Who Dey!”

I looked at my kingdom

I was finally there

To proudly claim my seat at Paul Brown Stadium.

Kyle Robert: Associate Editor, Senior NFL/MLB Writer/Podcast Host @notoriouskro – Kyle Robert grew up the illegitimate child of Ron Burgandy in sunny San Diago. Kyle turned his focus to fantasy football mainly due to his lack of any athletic ability and innate ability to spot sleepers. Writing came naturally to Kyle, but the comedy had to developed. Between his drinking ability and his propensity to “lose” his pants, he remains the life of the party. His sports knowledge is through the roof which is also the way the parties he attends seems to end. While he may not be the most interesting man, he is damn close.

Ron McCleese: Editor, Senior NFL and MLB Writer/Podcast Host @MaddogFFRon is a man that lives, eats, and breathes fantasy sports. He’s as competitive as they come and was given the nickname Maddog for his passion for playing softball. Ron is an avid Chicago sports guy and covers everything related to fantasy football, dynasty, NFL draft, DFS, and fantasy baseball.

Jeremy Hardt: Senior Dynasty Writer @FantasyGumshoe - A day in the life of a dynasty detective consists of meticulous evidence mining and fantasy prospect processing. Dedicating one’s life to identifying the next Earnest Graham or Drew Bennett mid-season for a playoff run reaps almost as much benefit as scouting Christine Michael as a 4 year old developmental talent in a McDonald’s PlayPlace. After all, clues don’t make themselves readily available, yet they hide in plain sight. Obsessive dedication is why this dynasty sleuth was able to lock down his own Jessica Rabbit and concoct two ‘lil Gumshoes with a third in the processing lab. When the most interesting man in the world needs dynasty advice he dials up this private dick, thus rendering him the 2nd most interesting man in the world. This detective heads to the office daily so you don’t have to.

Matt Lane: Senior IDP Writer @FFMattLane Matt hails from Accrington in the north west of England which is best described as ‘the wart on the anus of England’ in the famous book by James Watts, ‘Help, I’m from Accrington.’ Matt was kicked out of university after failing his ‘be a lying scumbag’ exam in his Politics and International Relations course – he currently fits flooring like a boss. Matt has watched the NFL since Superbowl 42 and played fantasy since the following season, drafting Frank Gore over Tom Brady in the year of Matt Cassell. Matt likes nothing more than drinking copious amounts of ale and poring over Defensive stats. Though he claims it’s tea and the morning paper.

Kenny Wang: Senior Redraft Writer  @k_wang32 - Kenny grew up in the Bay Area, and by default became a sports fan of the local teams. The rowdiness of the Oakland Raiders was too much for the mild mannered Kenny, and the presence of Barry Bonds in San Francisco were the reasons why he became a 49ers and Giants fan. Kenny was raised by hard working immigrants from China who taught him the values and importance of hard work and respect for those around him. Those same parents are extremely proud of their son’s endeavors in writing about fake sports, and that is the first thing they tell all of their friends and family about him. Actually that’s a joke, his parents aren’t jumping for joy because their eldest son is so engrossed in sports, but they are proud of the fact that he is just a few months away from becoming a licensed pharmacist, where the majority of his co-workers at FakePigskin will now also be his clients. With all that said, Kenny feels incredibly blessed; being able to pursue a career he loves, writing and editing fantasy sports articles and working with an awesome team here at FakePigskin.

Allie Fontana: Senior NFL Writer @AllieFontana –

Rob Pallazola: Senior MLB Writer @rojopal –

Tyler Tobin: Senior NASCAR/PGA Writer @Tobinator44 –

Andrew Nordmeier: Senior NFL Writer @AndrewNordmeier –

Dave Cherney: Google+/Marketing Expert @RoadWarrior_D - Dave was born in Egypt circa 30 BC and exposed to his first Dynasty league among the Greek Ptolemaic regime. Regrettably, his early building skills were foiled as he stood before the high court having developed the original circular Pyramid designs now noted on modern Geiko commercials. Dave would then travel to his current residence outside New Amsterdam where he discovered the first football field. Design would escape him again as it was an alien crop circle whereupon playing, the first concussions were recorded in 1734. Dave is currently living his final days slumming around degenerate websites with his claim to fame being the only man to be physically molested by a security officer outside Jerry World while recording a live fantasy podcast.

Luke O’Neill: Senior Dynasty and EPL Writer @ace_luke – Luke O’Neill was born as a child some time ago. After 20 unremarkable years, he was introduced to American football, and he curses this bad luck every day. As am NFL fan, he has to put up work constant jibes about liking “Rugby for pansies”. When not trying to write about fantasy football, he spends his time wandering the rolling hills of the Irish countryside, hurling potatoes at leprechauns and kissing the Blarney stone. Other hobbies include beard growing and tattoo getting. Luke genuinely believes he has the best hair in the fantasy football community and wrote this bio while on the toilet. He really hates Evan Hale.

Evan Hale: Senior Peanut Butter Writer and Poop Joke Teller @EHaleYea - Evan loves peanut butter, fantasy football, and often references some form of deficating in his work. His vision lacks vision, but is very clear in hindsight. His close friends would say he takes jokes too far, but his loose acquaintances seem to know this as well. If sucking at golf, writing funny fantasy articles, and drinking beer were a job, he’d have retired already, made a lousy comeback like Jordan, and retired again; just to go on to own a crappy golf/beer/fantasy franchise and drive it into the ground, like Jordan…

Aaron Marcotte: Senior Redraft and MLB Writer @MoreThanFantasy - Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron created his own Slamball court in his friend’s driveway using a mini trampoline for dunking and snow for pads. He has watched SportsCenter every day for the past 10 years, twice a day, three times on Wednesdays, just because. He has been the commissioner of over 100 fantasy leagues in the past 10 years, writing power rankings, making videos, and giving out fake awards to make himself feel important. With the 1st pick in a Fantasy Football Twitter League, he’d take Marcus Vick. Finally, he attributes his “eye for sleepers” to his ability to predict success using the athlete’s sleep number.

Brian Steinhause: Senior NBA Writer @bsteinhause - Brian was actually born with the name Pure-El on the planet Krypton. His father, sensing his planet’s imminent destruction, placed both Pure-El and his twin brother Kal-El on separate spaceships pointed to the planet Earth. Kal-El landed in the farms of Kansas, being taken in by the Kent family and given the name Clark, terrorizing the Cowboy loving Hardy household, while Pure-El wound up landing in the New York City suburbs, and was taken in by the Steinhause family and given the name Brian. At age 18, both brothers left their homes and discovered their Fortress of Solitude, Clark in the Arctic, Brian in Albany. Each brother would learn and cultivate their special powers there over the next few years. Clark was the chosen one, given “superman” like powers, while Brian was left with one, a mind for numbers. Many years later, Brian only remains jealous of one power of Clark, the power to turn back time, so he can create the perfect lineup each night. If you ever run into Brian, do not be fearful, he does have one weakness. No, it is not kryptonite, as you may have heard is his brothers, but rather a different foreign substance, known as ErsanIllyasova.

Ben Rolfe: Senior NFL, EPL, and MLB Writer, Podcast Host @brolfe1507 – Ben originates from England and well is still living in England. He is often heard muttering things such as cor blimey and cheerio and can only write articles while having a spot of tea. He has just finished university where he mixed studying Biology with flooding rooms and dislocating shoulders whilst under the influence of alcohol. After wandering the inter web looking for a home he stumbled across fake pigskin where they charmed him with chance to cover the odd combination of MLB/NFL/EPL.

Bee Salamat: Senior IDP Writer @IDPwithBEE_808 - In case you’re wondering the infamous BEE is his nickname, on his passport it says Brandon though so whichever works for you. He was born and raised in the beautiful and glorious Hawaii, never took a day for granted living there as he’s in a place where some wait their whole lives to come and see.

He grew up an Atlanta Braves fan (thanks to Turner sports), a Lakers fan (thanks to Dad) but left them to be a Blazers fan (BROY), rooted for the 49ers because that’s what his dad’s team was, left them to become a Chargers fan and has never watched a minute of hockey in his lifetime (so far).

Bee has played fantasy football for years, been doing the IDP scene since 2004 and kept on getting better. He’s written for fantasy pharmacy, rosterwatch, 2Mugs, Dynasty Sports Empire, the Fantasy Fix and now a member of the piggies contributing to their IDP section. He loves to help others win a championship as well as find IDP gems, he finds them every season – Jamie Collins y’all! But, he loves everything about football as Brandon is knowledgable on both sides of the ball, in the near future he hopes to bring out even better IDP content – it’s a growing community and he’s not stopping until its mandatory, and lastly – installing IDPs in DFS will be the holy grail of all holy grails!!


Eric Harrison: Senior Dynasty and Supercross Writer @FFPrimeTime Born and raised in a suburb of a city that has a dome built around it, everyone is slowly dying off from an unknown disease, yep you guessed it Cleveland, Ohio. He spent most of his life picking his body(and the pieces that broke off) up from the ground in a poor attempt to pursue a career in motocross. He will be taking the plunge of this thing called marriage on August 9th 2014. He has 3 children who write dynasty football articles that he credits himself with.

Andy Younce: Senior Dynasty Writer @Aytopspin - Born, raised and currently residing in Mobile, Alabama, Andy is a husband of one, a father of two and a fantasy football consultant to the masses.  In addition to fantasy sports, Andy has above-average knowledge of the banking industry, the Toy Story trilogy (see “father of two”) and 80’s hair bands, and has a keen sense for judging the obnoxiousness of University of Alabama quarterbacks (McElroy > McCarron > Namath).  He hates kickers (for fantasy purposes, anyway), most vegetables andferris wheels.  Andy loves to confuse non-fantasy playing football fans by working “IDP”, “ADP” and “WR3” into normal conversations.  When stumped by gameday fantasy decisions, he lets his seven-year-old Basset Hound, Louie, decide by picking either a pepperoni out of Andy’s left hand or a handful of Captain Crunch out of the right.

Aaron Herman: Senior NFL Eliminator Writer @DE_aaron – When Chuck Norris was a teenager, he once impregnated every nun in a convent tucked away in the Himalaya Mountains. Nine months later, the nuns all gave birth to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated and untied team in NFL history.  Forty years later, Chuck made a return visit to his favorite convent and in 1987 one of the great fantasy football writers of all time was born.  Young Aaron tried to follow his older half brother’s footsteps by playing guard and center for his high school football team, but unfortunately his Chuck Norris genes were unable to overcome the fact that at the height of 5’7 he was destined for other greatness.  With the realization that professional football was out of his reach, Aaron decided to take hold of the fantasy football world and created the North American Football Association at his high school, the first chartered club dedicated to playing Madden Football and Fantasy Football.  Ever since then Aaron “Chuck” Herman has been a fantasy guru tweeting advice to all those looking for it.  His goal in life is to one day bring the “Greatest Fantasy Writer of All Time” award home to his native convent to sit next to the 1972 Lombardi Trophy.  The quest continues…

Gladys Louise Tyler: Senior IDP Writer @neverenoughglt - Let’s start with the important stuff. I am obsessed with Colin Farrell’s character in Total Recall. Carl Hauser/ Douglas Quaid is the perfect specimen of a man. Sure there are those that say this remake sucks. But I contend they haven’t seen the director’s cut. Nor have they taken a close gander at the beauty and depth that oozes from Farrell’s portrayal of Houser. Literally swooning here just thinking about it. Knees weak skin clammy pupils dilated…
Wait! What? Oh yeah, I love football. I love fantasy football. I love reading about football. I love writing about football. And I have boobs.
What can I say? I give good football read.

Jay Holmes: Senior Dynasty/MLB Writer @JayHolmes_FP -

Me: Hello. My name is Jay Holmes. You stole my sleeper. Prepare to die.

You: Stop saying that!



Me: Offer me a replacement!

You: Yes!

Me: And future picks! Promise me that!

You: All that I have and more. Please…

Me: Offer me anything I ask for.

You: Anything you want.

Me: I want Donte Moncrief back you son of a bitch!

Every year, I have that tirade with some unlucky participant in one of my leagues. Only the name changes. It will probably be on my tombstone. I analytically study stats and trends to find the best value, and deepest sleepers available in fantasy.

Amber Boskers: Senior NFL Writer @Jakita10  – As a Canadian by birth and an American hopeful by sports affiliation, my husband and I with our two daughters were finally transplanted in Arizona last year; and we’re not leaving! When my husband asked me where I wanted to go for our first vacation, I said “anywhere for football” so we went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and watched the Texas Longhorns beat the USC Trojans (basically the best football game Vince Young and Matt Leinart would ever have again). We’ve been hard-core Arizona Cardinals fans and season ticket holders for six years, and would fly down from Calgary, Alberta for home games. We followed our should-have-been Super Bowl Champions to Florida and stayed in a dive of a hotel in Steelers nation (aka Tampa Bay) and watched our Cardinals almost do the impossible in Raymond James Stadium. It was the best of times and the worst of times and the highlight of my Cardinals fandemonium. I love Coyotes hockey (surprise, surprise), enjoy Diamondbacks baseball (though not so much this season), rock the NCAA March madness, play fantasy football (though got my a$$ whooped last season in the one league that counted – four leagues is WAY TOO MUCH for me!) and am a graduate student in Christian Studies. Faith, family and football are my things and I have a lot to say. #Birdgang Baby!

Adam Cook: NFL Redraft Writer @Fantasy_Schnerd – Adam enjoys playing both yearly and daily fantasy football. He vows to never miss a Dallas Cowboys game no matter what their record may be. Adam lives in Baltimore, MD and is very active on Twitter. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask him a personal question on Twitter.

Tyler Dalton: NBA Writer @tylerd91 – I hate Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Cam Newton, eagles, the color auburn, and tigers too.

Neil Donohoe: Senior NFL Writer, FakePigskin Staff Dynasty League Commish @NeilDonohoeAn obsessive dynasty player with a burning love of Star Wars, music, Leeds United, and the Tennessee Titans, Neil hails from Barnsley in jolly old England. In a Star Wars fantasy draft, Neil would not pay for Boba Fett or Darth Maul. He would, however, spend a first rounder on Kylo Ren, without hesitation. His love of Marcus Mariota is almost as unhealthy as his Star Wars fetish. And the Leeds United thing is down right masochistic. As for the fantasy advice: outspoken, against the grain, and ZERO RB heavy.

Devin DiTullio: Beer Connoisseur and Reviewer @dino915 – He definitely has the hardest job here at Fake Pigskin, drinking beer and then writing about it. Devin grew up in Wyoming and moved to Arizona for school. He drinks craft beer and smokes boutique cigars, a lot. He’s became a self proclaimed expert at both and decided he was capable of writing reviews. Devin doesn’t know much about fantasy football, so he just drafts Peyton Manning every year and hopes for the best. He thanks Regan and Adam for letting him babble about beer.

Fun fact: Devin can’t get drunk on light beer anymore.

A. Don Davenport: Senior 2QB Writer @ADonDavenport – As a newer writer to the site, he currently is trying to balance the nine-to-five job, finishing a bachelor’s degree, a voice acting gig with Anansi Storytime and fantasy football writing. School will end soon so there will be more time for everything else, he hopes. He’s currently residing near National Harbor in DC with his wife and two dogs and he drives alllllll the way around DC to go to work every day. Let him tell you, DC traffic is an enormous pain. Several years at his job ago a co-worker came to him and asked him to join a 2QB fantasy football league he was starting. He didn’t know anything about it, so he started to study the strategy of the game and this format in particular. By the time the draft started he was ready for this casual redraft league. Now several years later, he feels like he’s still learning the game, but he’s gotten very comfortable with 2QB dynasty leagues. He kept a running monologue in his head about how he would explain to others the values of the players in this format and after a while he decided to start writing that monologue down. Of course being a 2QB dynasty writer is like filming a Western using only sign language. It’s only going to appeal to a very small subsect of the overall community. And you’ll eventually get shot down trying to motion that it was only a crazy hot take. Blam! But do what you love, right?

Romeo Ramirez: NFL Writer @DaTrajik2

Blake Fiandaca: NFL/MLB/NHL Writer @BlakeDaca

Jackson Safon: NFL Writer @JacksonSafon – He was born in Hawaii, lives in Seattle, goes to school in Los Angeles, and is the biggest Boston sports fan alive. You try and figure that one out.

Plus, back in 2012 he won his fantasy football league with a bunch of his dad’s college buddies so you know he knows what he’s talking about.

Chris Cheung: Senior NFL Dynasty/2QB Writer @FFDynasty101

Brandon Hodge: NBA Writer @BrandonHodge

Damian Dabrowski: MLB/NFL Writer @D_bro1389 – A die-hard Patriots fan, Damian can usually be found educating idiots on the ideal gas law or spiking inanimate objects into oblivion. He spends entirely too much time on fantasy sports and DFS, but that’s probably because he’s still chasing the high from his 2005 Billy Volek/Drew Bennett stack that catapulted his high school social status to a new level. Additional interests include fundraising for the Mets payroll and terrible network TV shows that routinely get cancelled after 1 one season. And lastly but perhaps most importantly, Damian is incredibly skeptical of all vegetables and hasn’t eaten one in over 8 years.

Oh and I guess if you were actually looking for some useful information here, Damian will be covering football and baseball, particularly draft strategy, positional rankings and waiver wire adds.

Seth Short: MLB and NFL Writer @BigTimeSethyBob

Chris Hutchison: NFL Writer @CJ_Hutch – Chris lives in Oklahoma. Due to this fact, fantasy football has become more than a simple hobby. It has become something of a second occupation, albeit one that maxes out at around $1,000 per year. He has been known to have intense fantasy debates at the office, culminating in yelling that certain players are “human garbage”, or banning other league members from sending trade offers. While not necessarily a fan of his in-season schedule, his beautiful fiancée is more than accommodating to his insistence that he only leave the couch on Sundays after first kickoff for absolute necessities of human existence.

Jon Menna: MLB Writer @JonMenna – Jon is a long-suffering Mets and Nets fan, with a Giants Super Bowl sprinkled in every few years to dissuade him from the proverbial ledge. Low points include: Luis Castillo dropping the game winning infield pop-up against the Yankees, Carlos Beltran looking at strike 3 in Game 7 of the ’06 NLCS, two blown division leads in ’07 and ’08, Bruce Ratner’s involvement in the Nets organization, then subsequently Mikhail Prokhorov’s. High points include: Eli’s domination of Brady in the Super Bowl (twice) and ending the Pat’s almost perfect ‘07 season. Cry for me Kraft. Jon has been an avid WWE for most of his life. Please remind him weekly that it’s a predetermined soap opera, and not an actual competitive sport; He had no idea. He shook Jason Kidd’s hand in a Blue Moon Café one time, but please don’t treat him any differently.

Mike Galuszka: UFC Writer @MikeGaluszka

Justin Tarte: NFL Writer @TarteDaBeast – Justin Tarte has never lost a fantasy game, undefeated ever year across all sports. Not one time has he tasted defeat. Okay, maybe he lost once or twice, but that’s it. He works more than he sleeps and walks around with his eyes half shut murmuring “sleep is overrated”. When he is rested though, he will be trying to guide his readers to greatness. Although he is trying to lose a little weight he is proud to be called a “Piggy”.

Mike Kermode: MLB, NHL, and NFL Writer @mikekermode – Only 33, and already with the physique of Ron Burgundy, Mike is an expert at drinking beer on the couch and watching sports. Naturally, fantasy sports are a big part of his life, just ask his ex-girlfriends. Since his lifelong dream of competing on “Stump The Schwab” is now unattainable, his next goal is to make a living without even leaving his house. He begs you, please help him reach his lofty objective.

Danna Hanashiro: MLB DFS Writer @DannaHanashiro -

Kayla Van Horn: MLB Writer and Shitty Coffee Maker @VixenRogue – The guy below her SELLS COFFEE!!! You’d think she’d ask…

Allen Bassett: Stats and Charts Extrordinaire @Allen_Bassett - His name is Rod, and he likes to party. And sell coffee.