Fantasy Baseball: Week 13 Pitching Streamers

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It’s once again slim pickings for pitching streamers for Week 13, so if you need one or a few, get them now! Also, don’t forget to click the image below to listen to our podcast!

Alex Cobb | Tampa Bay Rays

(6/27 @ PIT, 7/2 @ BAL)

ESPN: 33%   Yahoo: 59%

There’s a pretty big discrepancy in Cobb’s ownership between ESPN and Yahoo. It’s a two start week, but the first start against the Pirates, in Pittsburgh, is the one you want. If you’re in a weekly league and can take possible damage from the Orioles start, he may be worth the chance. The Pirates offense is a team to pick on because they are near the bottom in MLB in most offensive categories. Cobb already has a great home park to pitch in, so it’s nice for him to go on the road and get a start at PNC Park. Another upside to this start is that he won’t have to face a DH. The Orioles do have games where they have a tough time scorings runs. Hopefully, Cobb can catch them on one of those days if you choose to start him.

Sean Newcomb | Atlanta Braves

(6/28 @ SD)

ESPN: 18%   Yahoo: 20%

Newcomb has three starts in the majors so far and has pitched a quality start in each of them. While he doesn’t have any wins to show for it, it gives us peace of mind to know that he can keep the Braves in the game. The strikeouts from the minors haven’t transferred, but with this being his first go in the majors, it’s not surprising. Newcomb’s start this week is on the road against the Padres. While the Padres are a team that can be had, one thing to keep in back of our minds is that his starts so far have come at home. As a team, the Padres are only walking at a rate of 7.9%, and striking out at a rate of 25.4% (second most in MLB). If Newcomb can play to the Padres’ weaknesses, we could see a better line from this start.

Hyun-Jin Ryu | Los Angeles Dodgers

(6/27 vs. LAA)

ESPN: 10%   Yahoo: $11%

Yes, Ryu. At this point, we really just want five innings with minimal damage. He’s probably a better play in H2H category leagues where you need the stats to beat your opponent. Ryu won’t strikeout a ton of batters, but a decent start can put him and your team in a good position. He hasn’t walked more than two batters in his last six starts, which is a really good sign. It’s just a matter of how deep in the game he can go. Homeruns have been an issue at times, but against a Trout-less lineup, we shouldn’t be too worried about that. The Angels are in the bottom third in MLB in homeruns.

Chad Kuhl | Pittsburgh Pirates

(7/1 vs. SF)

ESPN: 2%   Yahoo: 2%

Kuhl is in the same boat as Ryu. We’re digging deep here but he pitches just well enough to be worth a stream. Pitching five innings seems to be the recent average for Kuhl, but that’s good enough for the win if the Pirates can score some runs. This week, he’ll face the Giants at home. The Giants are going from one pitcher’s park to another, so there’s no advantage for them there, which makes Kuhl an appeal streaming option. The Giants’ offensive woes are continuing, and if you need a little extra pitching stats for the weekend, Kuhl could be your guy.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your picks!

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