Week 7 Two Start Pitchers

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Every week when doing this article I think to myself that the pitching situation cannot get any worse and yet somehow it seems to happen every week. Normally I look for two start pitchers to be my big hope in leagues I am struggling for pitching however the week 7 two start pitchers are not going to offer you much relief. Whereas last week we had 15-20 options in 10 or 12 team leagues this week we are scraping the barrel to get close to 15. That means you are probably going to have to put your faith in the likes of Sean Manaea, Rich Hill and Brandon McCarthy who should be activated off the DL this week.


Tune in each week to hear the team discuss the previous week and take a look forward at what we can hope to expect in the coming week. We will be discussing waiver wire, start sit along with all the major topics surrounding the world of fantasy baseball.

PlayerDate 1Vs 1Pitcher 1Date 2Vs 2Pitcher 2
Stephen Strasburg WAS (05/16) @ PIT Chad Kuhl (05/21) @ ATL Jaime Garcia 
Carlos Carrasco CLE (05/15) vs. TB Chris Archer(05/21) @ HOU Joe Musgrove 
Chris Archer TB(05/15) @ CLE Carlos Carrasco (05/21) vs. NYY CC Sabathia 
Yu Darvish TEX(05/16) vs. PHI Jerad Eickhoff (05/21) @ DET Matthew Boyd
John Lackey CHC (05/16) vs. CIN Bronson Arroyo(05/21) vs. MIL Jimmy Nelson
Zack Wheeler NYM (05/15) @ ARI Zack Godley (05/21) vs. LAA Jesse Chavez 
Marco Estrada TOR (05/16) vs. ATL Jaime Garcia (05/21) @ BAL Wade Miley 
Jerad Eickhoff PHI (05/16) @ TEX Yu Darvish(05/21) @ PIT Chad Kuhl 
Hyun-Jin Ryu LAD (05/16) @ SF Ty Blach (05/21) vs. MIA Tom Koehler
Kendall Graveman OAK (05/15) @ SEA Yovani Gallardo (05/20) vs. BOS Drew Pomeranz 
Andrew Triggs OAK (05/16) @ SEA Chase De Jong (05/21) vs. BOS Kyle Kendrick 
Derek Holland CHW (05/16) @ LAA JC Ramirez (05/21) @ SEA Chase De Jong 
CC Sabathia NYY (05/16) @ KC Jason Hammel(05/21) @ TB Chris Archer
Yovani Gallardo SEA (05/15) vs. OAK Kendall Graveman(05/20) vs. CHW Mike Pelfrey 
Joe Musgrove HOU (05/15) @ MIA Dan Straily (05/21) vs. CLE Carlos Carrasco 
Matthew Boyd DET(05/16) vs. BAL Wade Miley (05/21) vs. TEX Yu Darvish
Jaime Garcia ATL (05/16) @ TOR Marco Estrada (05/21) vs. WAS Stephen Strasburg 
Bartolo Colon ATL (05/15) @ TOR Francisco Liriano(05/20) vs. WAS Max Scherzer 
Ubaldo Jimenez BAL (05/16) @ DET Matthew Boyd(05/21) vs. TOR Marco Estrada 
Kyle Kendrick BOS (05/16) @ STL Adam Wainwright (05/21) @ OAK Andrew Triggs 
Matt Cain SF (05/15) vs. LAD TBA(05/21) @ STL Carlos Martinez 
Phil Hughes MIN (05/16) vs. COL Kyle Freeland (05/21) vs. KC Jason Hammel
Chase Anderson MIL(05/15) @ SD Luis Perdomo(05/20) @ CHC TBA
Jason Hammel KC(05/16) vs. NYY CC Sabathia (05/21) @ MIN Phil Hughes 
Kyle Freeland COL (05/16) @ MIN Phil Hughes (05/21) @ CIN Bronson Arroyo
Luis Perdomo SD(05/15) vs. MIL Chase Anderson(05/20) vs. ARI Robbie Ray 
Chase De Jong SEA (05/16) vs. OAK Andrew Triggs (05/21) vs. CHW Derek Holland 
Mike Pelfrey CHW (05/15) @ LAA Jesse Chavez (05/20) @ SEA Yovani Gallardo 
Jesse Chavez LAA (05/15) vs. CHW Mike Pelfrey (05/21) @ NYM Zack Wheeler 
Mike Bolsinger TOR(05/15) vs. ATL Bartolo Colon (05/20) @ BAL Ubaldo Jimenez 
Dan Straily MIA (05/15) vs. HOU Joe Musgrove (05/20) @ LAD TBA
Tom Koehler MIA(05/16) vs. HOU Dallas Keuchel(05/21) @ LAD Hyun-Jin Ryu 
Clayton Richard SD (05/16) vs. MIL Jimmy Nelson(05/21) vs. ARI Zack Godley 
Zack Godley ARI (05/15) vs. NYM Zack Wheeler (05/21) @ SD Clayton Richard 
Jimmy Nelson MIL(05/16) @ SD Clayton Richard (05/21) @ CHC John Lackey 
Chad Kuhl PIT (05/16) vs. WAS Stephen Strasburg (05/21) vs. PHI Jerad Eickhoff 
Bronson Arroyo CIN(05/16) @ CHC John Lackey (05/21) vs. COL Kyle Freeland 


  • John Lackey had a wonderful outing last time out at the Rockies and given the weakness of two start pitching this week he is a top five option despite having two offenses that could cause a lot of damage.
  • Marco Estrada had a nice first start again the Braves but the second start in Baltimore has every chance to be a little messy.
  • Jerad Eickhoff is where things start to get messy this week. Eickhoff was really good last year but has struggled at times this year but his start @PIT has the potential to be a really good one and Texas are very hit or miss currently. He is my last must start in 10 and 12 team leagues.
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu is currently a two start guy but with McCarthy and Hill due back from the DL early next week there is every chance one of them gets one of these early starts and Ryu gets pushed back to Thursday and loses the two start week. He has two solid matchups and I would start him against either of these teams even if he was just one start.
  • Kendall Graveman and Andrew Triggs have been decent this year and whilst I have a little concern over the two starts Boston haven’t been hitting well and pitching in Seattle is usually advantageous for pitchers. I think they can survive the two starts and put up decent enough numbers across the two starts for use in 12 team leagues
  • Derek Holland has a nice start @LAA and then a risky one @SEA and no matter how good he has been so far he is still Derek Holland that means I am always scared to use him. He is my last must start in 12 team leagues.
  • If I am gambling man and desperately need something this week then CC Sabathia is my gamble play this week. He has two really nice starts which could see great results. HE hasn’t been good so far this season so it’s a risk but given the state of pitching it’s a gamble I may take in some 12 team leagues.
  • The Yovani Gallardo, Joe Musgrove, Matthew Boyd, Bartolo Colon, Jaime Garcia and Ubaldo Jimenez group are all must starts in 14 team leagues but between their current season stats and the matchups I have concerns enough to avoid them all in 12 team leagues.
  • Kyle Kendrick has every opportunity of having two decent starts @STL and @OAK given the relative struggles of the two teams. He is a borderline 14 team guy for me.
  • Matt Cain is a similar story to Kendrick but his start vs. the Dodgers concerns me a little more.
  • My gamble play in 14 team leagues is Chase Anderson because the @SD start could really profitable but then I will be watching @CHC through my fingers because it could literally have any outcome.
  • In 16 team leagues you are probably just looking for anything from these two start guys but everyone beyond Kyle Freeland fills me with a little fear so if I can find enough one start guys to not have to use them that is what I will do.
  • Luis Perdomo is the guy here who it wouldn’t surprise me had 15 K’s from his two starts given the free swinging nature of the two teams he is facing. Equally 10+ ERs across the two starts wouldn’t surprise me either.

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