2017 IDP DL Strength of Schedule

Danielle Hunter

Now we enter the DL (DT & DE) for IDP and their strength of schedule for the 2017 season.  There’s a lot more green compared to the linebackers but not as much points.  With that being said; if you’re league doesn’t have individual scoring for DT and DE I’d recommend to make a suggestion to your commish.

2017 NFC DL Strength of Schedule

2017 NFC DL Strength of Schedule

Lets look at some of the favorable match-ups (Green) – The Browns, Cardinals and Rams lead the way by giving up at least 21 points per game to DL.  The rest of the teams in green have an average of 16-19 points per game given up to DL.  I’d also start your DL against the Browns as they had one scoring in double digits 9 times and have allowed the most sacks (36.5).  The Falcons, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals and Bills allowed between 25-29 range in sacks so you’d have no worries starting any of your DL against either team.  I mean in recently speaking, the Falcons OL gave up 3 sacks to Patriots rising DL (Trey Flowers) in the Super Bowl.  Redskins are tilting towards a favorable match-up by allowing tackles and scoring in other categories but they have only given up 12 sacks to opposing DL.

Some thoughts on the (Red) non-favorable match-ups:  These teams have given up 15 points or less to DL; but there’s one team you may want to consider benching against and thats the Raiders.  The Raiders have given up the least amount of points to DL with an average of just 9 points per game.  They have given up the least amount of sacks as well with (6) and only Joey Bosa and Noah Spence were the lucky ones to score in double digits.

Coming in second to the Raiders in sacks allowed are the Jaguars (11) Giants (11) and Patriots (10) but these teams have given up 13-14 points per game to DL.  Other teams who have given up less than 1 sack per week are the Eagles (13) Vikings (15) Chiefs (15) and Cowboys (15) all stingy match-ups if you’re banking on at least 1 sack that game.

2017 AFC DL Strength of Schedule

2017 AFC DL Strength of Schedule

More Thoughts: Joey Bosa could have a tough go (maybe) lot of unfavorable match-ups for a long stretch there.  Targeting Henry Anderson (IND) and Calais Campbell (JAC) Yannick Ngakoue (JAC) could work out as they have a much more favorable schedule.  The Bills Lawson, Hughes, Dareus and Alexander could have a good start as well with some early favorable games.  Owning any of the NFC West DL big names could pay off this year as well, a ton of green match-ups to take advantage of as it also helps they play each other twice and that entire division is lit green! At the end of the day though, draft your guys and don’t be too afraid to start em’ but if they do have a crappy game you’d know it was an unfavorable match-up (if so).



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