2017 NFL Mock Draft: I Gave It a Shot!

Myles Garrett

Mock Drafts are fun. They’re also useless by the time the draft rolls around because of trades. That being said, I’m giving it a 2017 NFL Mock Draft a shot, because I like a challenge and also want people to tell me that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Yell at me. Go ahead. I can take it! This mock will feature no trades and things that I think the teams should and will do. Enjoy!

1 CLE Myles Garrett | DE | Texas A & M – Clearly the best prospect coming out this year. The only way it isn’t Garrett is if the Browns gonna “Brown” and take a QB here. If the Browns pass on him, Garrett has already said they’ll regret it.
2 SF Mitch Trubinsky | QB | North Carolina – Kyle Shanahan has been linked with Kirk Cousins, but a rookie QB that he can develop is not only much more of a guarantee that he gets his QB, but also much cheaper. Trubinsky has a quick release and accuracy that Kyle Shanahan will be able to develop into a weapon. With Brian Hoyer in place, San Francisco doesn’t have to throw him right to the wolves.
3 CHI Jamal Adams | S | LSU – This is no doubt high for a safety, but the two safeties in this years draft aren’t normal. They’re game changers. Adams can play in the box and drop back. This transforms Chicago’s defense and gives them an identity
4 JAX Leonard Fournette | RB | LSU – Protection for Blake Bortles? Yes, please. With TJ Yeldon already in place, Fournette won’t have to be relied upon on 3rd down and Jacksonville can still get use out of Yeldon and Ivory to spell Fournette. This pick could transform the offense and open things up for Allen Robinson. The play action game would be a boon for the offense.
5 TEN Corey Davis | WR | Western Michigan – Many are predicting a WR with the Titan’s 2nd pick at 18. I doubt the top 3 are around by then, so Tennesse takes a jump now. Corey Davis and Marcus Mariota will be a combination that should be feared for years. All of a sudden the Titans look pretty good on offense.
6 NYJ Deshaun Watson | QB | Clemson – Yup. I’m aware…they should take Marshon Lattimore here, but they’ll take a QB in their never ending quest for a quarterback. I’m not saying this is what they should do, but I think they do jump on a QB here. The search will likely continue for years.
7 LAC Malik Hooker | S | Ohio State – This pick is probably the 2nd easiest in the entire draft except for Myles Garrett. It’s just too perfect of a fit. With Hooker stepping in and playing centerfield for the Chargers, they’ll have one of the best young secondaries in the game. Coverage sacks will be prevalent for Joey Bosa and interceptions plentiful. If the Chargers make this pick, they could be my sleeper for the playoffs in their inaugural year in LA.
8 CAR Solomon Thomas | EDGE | Stanford – It’s a crime that he’s fallen this far, but with 2 QB’s going in this mock, somebody had to fall. I could see Tennessee at 5 jumping on him as well, but that wasn’t the case. Carolina would love to get their hands on Fournette, but that’s not happening either. In this scenario, they’ll wait until the 2nd round to get their RB and run up the Art Museum steps and hope they don’t trip running up the steps. I could also see Carolina shocking everyone and taking Reuben Foster to give them a lethal set of linebackers.
9 CIN Reuben Foster | ILB| Alabama – Reuben Foster and Vontaze Burfict…yeah…don’t go across the middle and expect to keep your dome in Non-CTE status. The black and blue division just got a lot meaner. Foster is a monster that can run sideline to sideline, call plays, and make everyone around him better.
10 BUF O.J. Howard | TE | Alabama – Mike Williams could also be in play here, but I think O.J. will do more for the offense overall. O.J. might be the safest player in the draft. He’s a team player who will do everything you ask of him and more. Teams won’t just be able to roll coverage to the outside if Sammy is on the field and it will give the Bills a legitimate red zone threat.
11 NO Marshon Lattimore | CB | Ohio State – The Saints will go marching up those steps if Lattimore falls to them. He’s another stud who gets pushed down the board because a couple QB’s went way too early. I don’t think I need to explain much about why he goes here or you wouldn’t be reading Fakepigskin.com.
12 CLE Patrick Maholmes III | QB | Texas Tech – Aaaaaaaand Bill O’brien dies a little bit inside with this pick, as he was hoping the strong armed QB fell. Cleveland gets their QB, and while it’s not Trubinsky, they get a raw player with probably the best physical tools of all the QB’s in the draft. They need to be patient and let him develop, but he could be the best QB in the class…but you know…Cleveland. I could also see Jonathon Allen here.
13 ARI
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Williams | WR | Clemson – Arizona would have also been in play for Maholmes, but he’s gone in this scenario. No matter, the Cardinals get a piece to help them win now and in the future. With Larry retiring soon, maybe, this is a great fit for Williams to step in a learn from the best. It also gives them size on one size and speed on the other with John Brown. This offense will be potent in this scenario. Carson Palmer rejoices.

14 PHI Christian McCaffrey | RB |Stanford – I’m an Eagles fan and also a Florida State fan, so it took courage for me to go this route, but McCaffrey is simply safer and can do a little bit more. I think Dalvin Cook would be a perfect fit here as well, but McCaffrey is squeaky clean and is a great player. All things being equal, I think they would take Dalvin Cook, but they’re not. Hassan Reddick is also a sleeper here and would give the Eagles 2 young linebackers that would be building blocks for years. I think the gap between the 2nd ranked corner and the 8th is too small for the Eagles to go corner this early and they’ll wait until the 2nd round to address that need.
15 IND Forrest Lamp | OL | Western Kentucky – I originally had Dalvin Cook going here, but after further consideration, I thought Chris Ballard would rather keep Andrew Luck on the field as opposed to giving him another weapon. Pass rusher is also in play, but being able to take the top OL in the draft is too enticing to pass up at 15.
16 BAL
Thomas Boyd - AP

Thomas Boyd – AP

John Ross | WR | Washington – Full disclosure, I don’t love this pick. I think it’s repetitive with old man Perriman, but it gives them a ton of speed at wide receiver and Flacco can throw a good deep ball. Now…with this group of Perriman, Ross, and Mike Wallace, somebody is going to have to run intermediate routes and I think that’ll be Wallace. Ross is a much better route runner than Perriman and will excel in the screen game as well. Ross isn’t a one trick pony as some have said, because they only look at the combine and assume that. This pick opens everything up underneath and it will be interesting to see how Baltimore utilizes Danny Woodhead and Kenneth Dixon underneath. It could be a fun offense. I think I may have talked myself into liking this pick. How bout dat?

17 WAS Hassan Reddick | LB | Temple – Reddick has been one of the biggest risers during the draft process and for good reason. He can fly to the ball and is a very smart player. Washington actually doesn’t screw this pick up in this scenario, but I could see them going all Full Metal Jacket here and shooting themselves in the head, because that’s what they do. They’ll probably take a guard I’ve never heard of. Yup…definitely an Eagles fan here.
18 TEN Jonathon Allen | DL | Alabama – Well, it’s silly that he fell this far, but Tennessee winds up with two possible top 10 talents in this scenario. Somebody has to fall that we don’t foresee and in this case, it’s Jon Allen. Tennessee will stop the bleeding here and enjoy it very much while the plug him in at left DE. He’s a perfect fit.
19 TB Dalvin Cook | RB | Florida State – Aaaaaand boom goes the damn dynamite. Perfect for pretty much everybody involved, although I can’t say it might not be better for Dalvin to move further away from home. However, with Jameis in a familiar face, I’m willing to bet it works out. This gives the Bucs a multi-faceted offense that will be a nightmare for years to come.
20 DEN Cam Robinson | OL | Alabama – The Broncos still need line help even after the signing of guard Ronald Leary and they’ll get their pick of a tackle here at 20. Their isn’t much of a difference between them in my opinion, so I’m going to go with a mauler from Alabama who has some pedigree for John Elway.
21 DET Derek Barnett | EDGE | Tennesse – Here is another guy who has a ton of hype around him in the media, but I don’t think it translates through in the draft. Pairing him with Ziggy Ansah at the end position is a great fit for him at 21 and right around where I think he should go.
22 MIA Jabril Peppers | DB/LB/Hybrid | Michigan – A perfect fit for both parties here, in my opinion. Hopefully, first year Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke can utilize Peppers unique skillset (Liam Neeson voice). I don’t think any team that drafts Peppers will just waste his talents, however, and with the Dolphins seeing the Patriots twice a year, having a weapon like Peppers to cover some of those weapons is a great tool.
23 NYG Ryan Ramczyk | OL | Wisconsin – Uhhhhhh OL help please? Yup. That’s where the Giants go here. Whether or not it’s Ramzcyk is up for debate, but getting OL help shouldn’t be after fortifying the defense and wide receiver position within the last year. Running back is another need, but the Giants will wait on that position.
24 OAK
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Mixon | RB | Oklahoma – OH SNAP. But…he’s public relations nightmare! But…running back is deep! But, but, but, but! Shut your face people. Let’s talk this through, in what is my favorite pick of this mock draft. The number one reason why teams will stay away from Mixon is the PR. Let’s see here…the Raiders are moving and nobody will give a rats’ ass. They’re going to fricking Sin City for crying outloud! Imagine Mixon running behind this line and just tell me it isn’t perfect. I think Mixon goes within the top 44 picks, to be completely honest, and what’s a better fit? You have an owner who does his thing. It’s the bad boys of football. The black and silver. It’s more perfect than a Perfect Plex from Mr. Perfect! Mixon is a top 15 pick any other year. He’s a blend between Zeke, Leveon, and Arian Foster with the way that he glides, catches the ball, and punishes people when he has to. PERFECT. Unless they don’t because they sign Lynch, but that shouldn’t stop them. Don’t mess it up BEASTMODE!

25 HOU Garrett Bolles | OL | Utah – Houston wants a QB here, but I don’t think they go Kizer here. One of Brock’s problems last year was that he didn’t have any time…and was horrible at throwing a football. I digress…Houston could use a right tackle and they get one with Bolles. I could also see a mild surprise with Budda Baker here.
26 SEA Kevin King | CB | Washington – Weird…Seattle takes a big corner who is really good at press coverage from Washington. It just felt right and I’m taking into account that the Seahawks may move Richard Sherman. I could also see Marlon Humphrey here. Either way, it’ll be a physical corner if they go that direction. I could also see the Seahawks preparing for life after Jimmy Graham and taking David Njoku…I mean…again…perfect. This starts the CB run.
27 KC Quincey Wilson | CB | Florida – Wilson is my 2nd ranked corner in the draft class, but because of fit, he fell here. Wilson playing opposite of Marcus Peters would be scary. This could also be a spot where KC trades back, but because I’m not projecting trades and this mock will be garbage by the time the draft rolls around, I took Wilson. But hey, it’s fun to do and people read them.
28 DAL Marlon Humphrey | CB | Alabama – Dallas needs corner help like Zeke needs to stay away from Mardi Gras. In this case, they land a corner from Alabama to pair with Nolan Carroll (LOL) and Orlando Scandrick. Humphrey should walk in and be the most physical and talented corner on the roster and help fill a huge need while simultaneously taking one of the best players available. Good pick…but I really want them to mess it up. Get in there Jerra!!!
29 GB TJ Watt | DE | Wisconsin – Green Bay needs to get to the passer. That was clear when Dak had all day to throw in the 2nd half of the playoff game where Green Bay almost blew a huge lead. I could also see the Packers going corner here, but I think Watt could be a perfect fit, bumping Matthews back inside.
30 PIT Charles Harris | EDGE | Missouri – The Steelers need help getting to the passer as well and I could see the Packers going with Harris instead of Watt, but I think this is the spot for both these players, as they are good values that can provide a premium service in the NFL, getting to the passer.
31 ATL Taco Charlton | EDGE | Michigan – Taco and Vic. That’s an outstanding duo to go along with newly signed Dontari Poe and Keanu Neal. All of a sudden, Atlanta looks like they could be a powerhouse for the next couple years. Their offense and defense could both be top 10 units coming off a Super Bowl loss.
32 NO David Njoku | TE | Miami – Drew Brees lost a weapon this offseason and is going to get another one back in the draft. We all saw how New Orleans used Jimmy Graham and that has been a missing element since he left. Njoku will take time to develop, but with the weapons New Orleans already has in place, they can bring him along slowly and still be fine. Another option is Gareon Conley here. This would give them both Ohio State corners and would lead to some mistakes, but it couldn’t be worse than last year. Could it?


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