Dynasty101 First Run Through


The First Run through with 2017 Running Back(RB) prospects.

The current article aims to provide some quick opinions on the first look of these RBs. This will be a multi-part series focusing on a few prospects, what jumped out to me on my first examination of these players. Because it is film watching on high speed, it is not indicative of my final thoughts on these players.

  • Joseph Yearby, University of Miami

Notes: Being that he’s from the University of Miami, it is not without saying that I have a hard time taking off my Green and Orange glasses. Even with that in mind, I think I can come away with both the positives and the negatives of Joe. Would one aspect be more enhanced than the other; quite possibly, and that’s why this disclaimer was warranted

Positives: Showed good patience, Capable of stringing 2 or 3 moves together, Is comfortable in tight spaces, played more physical than I initially thought (had him pegged for a scat back), good straight-line and open field speed, and looks natural catching football.


Negatives: average quickness and burst, terrible instinct and physical traits for pass blocking (in fact, don’t ask him to PB), doesn’t have workhorse potential, and have concern about his size and vision.

Expected range in dyno draft: At this point he’s probably closer to the 33rd – 36th range, and could also be undrafted. This class has way more RBs that people are excited about.

  • Stanley “Boom” Williams, University of Kentucky


Note: Having a nickname like “Boom”, I was kind of expecting someone to be either a bowling ball or someone who shows a lot of functional strength. I didn’t see any of that with Stanley Williams. So, sometimes nicknames are just deceiving.

Positives: Not just a straight-line guy, can run to the edge and bend well, good pad level in anticipation of contact, and can take on defenders

Negatives: average size and speed, below average stop-start speed, doesn’t cut well, bad footwork in both rushing and pass protection, gets knock back easily, and cannot be counted on consistently as a pass catching option

Expected range in dyno draft: To me Stanley Williams is a JAG among a loaded class. He may be useful as a really deep stash option until he can develop better footwork. I think he’ll go largely undrafted or at best a end of 4th round consideration.

  • Jamaal Williams, BYU

Notes: Before my first look, I’ve heard some positives about Jamaal Williams. I haven’t even watched a single live game of this kid, so I had to take the words of trusted eyes who has been doing evaluation way longer than I have.

Positives: a hard worker and gritty, plays hard, runs stretch plays well, and can play between tackles.

Negatives: Unbalanced, gets taken down easy, braces for hits instead of initiating them, seems to be deliberate in his runs, choppy route running (didn’t seem like he knew where to go).

Expected range in dyno draft: From what I can tell, he’s an Jamaal2acquired taste. His movements are very wild, which I’m wondering if that doesn’t contribute to his lack of balance. If I am wrong, then I think Jamaal Williams can be talked into a late 2nd round or early 3rd round pick in a dyno draft. If I’m right, he’s more likely a tail end consideration of a draft or an afterthought.

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