NFL Week 12 Early Studs and Duds: Panthers, Lions and Bears OH MY! Studs and Duds Special Edition

eric rowe versus calvin

It was the Thanksgiving day massacre.   It involved the Carolina Panthers, the Detroit Lions and a sleeping Chicago Bears.  It was enough to make one give up asking the Great Pumpkin for anything.

So here we are, giving it up to the victors, while questioning the veracity of the losers.


Luke Kuechly, Linebacker, Carolina Panthers:  

Yes, he only had seven tackles.  Truth be told it is really hard to tackle offensive players when they aren’t on the field.  And why did the Dallas Cowboys spend so little productive time on the offensive side of the ball.  L-U-K-E!  And guess what Tony Romo, he is your daddy.  Kuechly intercepted Romo twice.  And he returned both interceptions for touchdowns.  That is two more touchdowns than Romo threw to his own team.  Yep, he owned you.  And that makes him a bona fide stud!

Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, Detroit Lions:

Ansah is a novice to the game of football.  Just think how dominating he will be when he gets a handle on this game?  Against the Philadelphia Eagles he was a dominating novice stud.  How so?  Glad you asked.  The stat line?  Again glad you asked.  Ansah finished the game with four tackles, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery.  But most impressive was his 3.5 sacks.  That sound you hear is Mark Sanchez still running for his life.

Lamar Houston, Linebacker, Chicago Bears:

It was a complete defensive takeover.  And it happened in the opponents house.  The great and powerful Lambeau Field.  On the night that the great and powerful Brett Favre was honored for his years of greatness.  Alas, it was a ceremony drenched by the elements and the Bears, and Tracy Porter, and Houston.

Houston collected seven tackles, one sack and one fumble recovery.

It was an impressive defensive effort.  The Bears proved to be studs.  Houston was leading the way.


Philadelphia Eagles

I want to say that it was all Eric Rowe’s fault.  But seriously?  Hello Bill Davis.  Seriously?  You think that it was a prudent defensive move to put ROOKIE ERIC ROWE on Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  That was your brilliant defensive scheme for the game?  Congratulations.  Eight receptions, 93 yards, and three touchdowns later, I will say it was an epic fail.

This is the second straight game an offensive team has put up 45 points on the Eagles defense.

There is no other dud to match it for Thanksgiving day.  As it goes, the Eagles can be bad all by themselves.


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