The Kirk Cousins Experience – Week 4

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What a week! My sense is that Week 4 threw most of us for a loop. Unless you predicted Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins, Josh McCown, Blake Bortles, and Nick Foles would all finish inside the top-ten at quarterback, this week in streaming QBs likely didn’t go just like you thought it would.

And that’s how it goes. If you commit to streaming QB in a 2QB league, you know you will have misses. It is inevitable that you will get weeks wrong. You are stuck choosing among very weak options, and the volatile nature of those players guarantees that nothing can be guaranteed.

That isn’t an excuse — I’m happy to admit I missed badly on several calls this week — but a statement about reality. Expect to have some ups and downs if you choose to stream the QB2 position.

Last Week

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This week I traded Frank Gore away, one week after getting him for Steve Smith Sr. and Matt Jones. I turned him into Jordan Matthews, to upgrade my WR3 spot. I saw an excess of RBs and didn’t want to lean on Stevie Johnson all year.

My RB situation was more strong this week after I was able to pick up Karlos Williams and Ameer Abdullah off waivers. I chose to drop Lamar Miller in favor of Abdullah’s upside. I like the upside of my backs, but I don’t have guaranteed production there. As with most of my players, RB is shaping up to be a volatile spot for me this season.

Here is what my starting roster looked like in Week 4:


QB Matt Ryan
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB Mark Ingram
RB Karlos Williams
WR Julio Jones
WR Jordan Matthews
WR John Brown
TE Travis Kelce
K Chandler Catanzaro
D/ST Philadelphia


I lost this week, after getting nearly nothing from anyone outside QB and RB, where I only managed moderate production. A thoroughly underwhelming week is disappointing, but I am holding out hope that my players will bounce back and typically score better than they did this week.

At QB, I started Ryan Fitzpatrick over Kirk Cousins, and it ended up a poor result. Fitzpatrick had 14.12 fantasy points, but Cousins finished with 21.7. Had I added Josh McCown off waivers, he would have scored 21.24. Brian Hoyer, who didn’t even start the game for the Texans, scored 17.28, and matt Hasselbeck scored 15.38. In short, I could have made almost any other choice this week and scored more points. It didn’t change the outcome of my game — I lost by too many points — but it was certainly an off week for my streaming QB choice.

So now I am 2-2, but I am still tied for first in my division. I am hopeful my team will put up better production than it did this week, but I am concerned in several areas.

Week 5

This week, before waivers run, my starting roster looks like this:


QB Matt Ryan
QB ???
RB Dion Lewis
RB Justin Forsett
WR Julio Jones
WR Jordan Matthews
WR John Brown
TE Travis Kelce
K Chandler Catanzaro

At QB, Fitzpatrick is on bye, so the only option on my roster is Kirk Cousins. Josh McCown, Michael Vick, Brian Hoyer, and Matt Hasselbeck are all available on waivers.

As always, illustration is my goal in this series, rather than a how-to guide. So once again, I won’t disclose my QB2 pick. Instead, leave a comment telling me who you would start if you were in my shoes.

And if you are in a similar position, streaming bad quarterbacks in a 2QB/Superflex league, share your situation in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter. Let’s learn from each other’s experiences.


  1. Romeo Ramirez

    October 6, 2015 at 11:27 am

    With those options, I would go with McCown.

    Hasselbeck might not get the start with Luck possibly coming back. I also have a phobia of those Thursday games. Short weeks tend to lead to really terrible games.

    Hoyer isn’t the starter (yet)but would probably do better than Mallett.

    Vick isn’t bad and it was a Thursday night game (see above comment)but I’m not sure I trust him going on the road, across the country and playing in the national spotlight again on Monday night.

    McCown is still himself so don’t get me wrong but given the other options I would go with him.

    If I had to rank them I would go

    • Joshua Lake

      October 6, 2015 at 7:20 pm

      That’s very solid. I agree with most of that and have McCown reasonably high in my rankings this week. How would you fit Kirk Cousins into that list?

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