Angle of Pursuit: Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon – University of Wisconsin

Height: 6’1″    Weight: 215

Comp: C.J. Spiller

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • Home run hitter who reaches top speed in a hurry
  • Tremendous balance and is very hard to bring down
  • Patient runner who will follow blocks and burst into the second level
  • Great pass pro


  • Tentative through the line likes to dance
  • You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he struggles to make a decision
  • Wasn’t made to pick his own hole at Wisconsin which could be an issue at the next level
  • Landing spot and development makes Gordon the ultimate boom/bust

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Melvin Gordon is a fantastic prospects. He has a jaw dropping, home run ability. Gordon can do big things in space. This ability makes him invaluable on third down and in the passing game.

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