Bucs’ Alterraun Verner a DB streaming steal in Week 8

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Tampa Bay Bucaneers’ Alterraun Verner is one of the top fantasy cornerbacks anyway, but in smaller IDP leagues he will likely be on waiver wires waiting for you to grab him and plug him in after a slim week 6 and a bye. Throw in a match against one of the Vikings sorry QBs and you’re onto a winner. Verner is just one of my picks as a defensive back streamer this year.For more detail on the streaming DB strategy click here


Week 7 Summary:

Antoine Cason, Carolina, CB, (@GB): 3 tackles, 1 assist 

Kyle Arrington, New England, CB (v NYJ): 0

Antrel Rolle, New York Giants, S (@DAL): 2 tackles 1 assist

Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh, S (@ PIT): 2 tackles 1 fumble recovery


Week 8 Streaming Targets:

Alterraun Verner

Alterraun Verner provides a nice floor at cornerback which is rare in IDP – photo from www.joebucsports.com

Alterraun Verner, Tampa Bay, CB (v MIN)

Verner is a top cornerback in fantasy, of that there is no doubt. Normally he might not be available but after Week 6 saw a low 2.5 points and a bye last week he is probably sitting about waiting for a new team. If your league has dedicated positions for cornerbacks he’s a must add this week. His matchup is reasonable, whoever the Vikings decide to put up against him at QB, but more than anything Verner’s consistency in the last 3 years is a pretty good starting point for your defensive back position. Prediction: 6 tackles, 3 assists, INT Chance 20%


Dawan Landry, New York Jets, S (@BUF)

This choice is less because of a positive matchup and more because Landry has been especially consistent at Safety this year. Landry has secured 4 tackles or more and an assist in every game this season. It’s rare to have a safety with such a high floor, so if you’re the favourite for your matchup it can’t hurt to get Landry. Not the same upside (Landry has 1.5 sacks and 1 TFL this year) but can help contribute to your score beer tan Kyle Arrington did last week for sure. Prediction: 7 tackles, 4 assists, INT chance: 15%.


Johnathan Cyprien, Jacksonville, S (v MIA)

After missing the first two games through injury, The Jaguars’ sophomore safety has had a very encouraging start to his season. Cyprien is accruing around 8.5 points per game on average and incredibly that is without any big plays yet. So Cyprien is getting plenty of tackles 43 combined across 5 games but if he can get a big play every now and again he’ll be in the elite category many thought he would be in. Grab him whilst he’s lukewarm. Prediction: 8 tackles,  4 assists, INT chance: 15%


Orlando Scandrick, Dallas, CB, (v WAS)

I’ll make no bones about it, starting Scandrick this week is risky. Like Cyprien, Scandrick missed the opening two games and is averaging 6.5 points per game (good for a cornerback). Chasing interceptions is not normally advisable, but I would say facing Colt McCoy has its advantages. If you’re facing an uphill struggle, Scandrick may be the risk-reward answer. Prediction: 4 tackles, 2 assists, INT Chance 33%


Good luck this week in your fantasy matchups, keep streaming!

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  1. Zach

    October 22, 2014 at 11:08 am

    I’m new to IDP – hopeful you can give me some advice..

    In my league you start: 1 LB, 1 DB and 1 DL each week. (6 points for a sack = how much a QB/RB/WR gets from a TD, and about 4 points for a tackle, depending on the position)..

    My current roster:
    LB: V. Burfict (can’t stay on the field!) and Mychal Kendricks (picked him up off waivers, should play this weekend?)
    DB: B. Church, E. Berry (hopefully will play soon?)
    DL: R. Quinn, S. Richardson

    Should I drop M. Kendricks for B. Marshall? If so, would you play either of them over Burfict?

    Should I drop S. Richardson for E. Griffen? If so, would you play either of them over R. Quinn (without Long he has just “1” sack this season)?

    Should I play E. Berry over B. Church this weekend if E. Berry is a go – or do you think he would be eased back in slowly = limited snaps, etc.?

    Sorry for writing so much, dig all of your advice, thanks a ton!

    • Matt Lane

      October 23, 2014 at 12:04 pm

      Hey Zach! Thank you for the kind words, i’ll do my best to help you out, always great to meet a new IDP player!

      Firstly, in a league which starts so few IDP players, you have to be realistic, there are loads of LBs who will get tackles, even no namers, so don’t put too much emphasis on them.

      That being said, if you can get a JJ Watt elite type player it will make a huge difference – it’s just a case of identifying those guys. Anyway it’s post draft now clearly!

      In this kind of league, Burficts pass rushing isn’t going to reap many rewards (6 pts is a lot for a sack but not if tackles are 4 pts). I prefer Kendricks but as you said he’s been banged up a lot this year. I’d try and find a guy like Posluszny, Barwin, Worrilow, Keenan Robinson? Even Wagner or Willis if they aren’t hurt. I would keep Kendricks this week, he’s comfortably top 10 when healthy, Marshall has been good but want to see some proper consistency before he’s crowned.

      I would have to say stick with Quinn, see if you can trade him for Wilkerson? Been awesome this year Is Calais Campbell available? He’s missed a few games but he’s brilliant. I would keep drop Richardson for Griffen, he has been good all season, not just last week, also has more tackles than Richardson.

      I’d stick with Church, as you say Berry is unlikely to be put in straight away and even if he was he isn’t going to get his speed up right away. Sit him, but if he plays well you can rest easy for the remainder of the season.

      If you’ve got any more Questions please just ask!

      • Zach

        October 23, 2014 at 1:04 pm

        Thanks man – yeah all of the high scoring name brand LB’s are taken (i.e. Posluszny, Worrilow, Willis, Robinson).. It’s a 12 team (VERY COMPETITIVE) league, and you must have 2 of each position on your roster, even though you only start one.

        With that said – Connor Barwin is available, do you like him better than M. Kendricks though? Seems like Barwin has more value when Kendricks is out, which based on his practice reports, he should be coming back soon.

        I actually dropped Kendricks for Malcolm Smith, just because like you said in another article, with Wagner out, it makes M. Smith a starter – so I was going to go with him this week… but Kendricks has still not been picked up by anyone, so I could go grab him still.

        Should I pick up and play M. Kendricks this weekend over M. Smith – keeping in mind the match ups and Kendricks may not play 100% due to his health issues or you expect him to play full on? If I don’t get Kendricks this week, there is a good chance I can pick him up next week and just roll with M. Smith for now.

        – No one is going to want Quinn, everyone is new to IDP this year and so his name value (which is all he is currently) has no real value. Campbell and Wilkerson are not going to be traded to me for Quinn.

        Thanks again!

  2. Matt Lane

    October 25, 2014 at 1:53 am

    That sucks that you have to have two, doesn’t make streaming all that favcourbale if the top 24 DBs are taken, but better than most leagues where you would start 4!

    Barwin should perform without Kendricks, of the two it’s close but I prefer Kendricks. That being said Barwin is healthy and on form at the moment (in my league he has 50 pts in the last two weeks, 72 in total).

    This week i’d play Smith, and see how Kendricks plays. Once he’s 100% he should be your starter most weeks. Forget about Barwin for now, him and Smith are probably around the same and obviously no need to roster two healthy Eagles which is what you’d be doing in a couple of weeks no doubt. Hope that you can get Kendricks next week if he goes off, but Smith is a nice starter in the meantime.

    Regarding the trade, a lot of new IDP leagues mean some guys have no clue as to value. Might be worth putting a feeler out there to a guy with multiple good DEs who might be drawn to Quinns name. Even if it’s Quinn and another player for Wilkerson for example, just don’t hamper yourself at another position, are there any positions you’re loaded at?

    • Zach

      October 25, 2014 at 9:31 am

      I agree – it’s dumb that you “have” to have two DB/LB/DL, but then again it makes it more competitive.
      My other LB is Burfict, I don’t want to drop him though, his name has value. Maybe I could put Burfict + Quinn in a package and try to upgrade to a stud LB like Lavonte David or DeAndre Levy.. My thinking was to wait until Chris Long comes back and hope that Quinn becomes the stud I thought he would be from last year.
      Below is my roster (it’s 1 PPR for RB, .5 PPR for WR)
      (* = starting this week)
      QB: Matty Ice, Russell Wilson*
      RB: Matt Forte*, Tre Mason*, Zac Stacy, Carlos Hyde, Charles Sims, Isaiah Crowell,
      WR: Brandon Marshall*, Andre Johnson*, Andre Holmes*, ODB, Percy Harvin, Josh Gordon,
      TE: Jimmy Graham, Dwayne Allen*
      K & DEF: Miami* / Dan Bailey*
      DL: Robert Quinn, Everson Griffen*
      LB: Vontaze Burfict, Malcolm Smith*
      DB: Eric Berry, Barry Church*

      Do you agree E. Griffen, M. Smith, B. Church this week, then next week drop M. Smith for M. Kendricks? (just want to be sure you knew I had Burfict)

      Also C. Barwin week 5 had 18 points and week 6 he had 28 points. So close to 50 over the last 2 games.

      Thanks again!

      • Matt Lane

        October 27, 2014 at 2:49 pm

        Hi Zach, i’m sorry i couldn’t get back to you in time – busy weekend nad I haven’t had time to put my laptop on! I hope you won your matchup!

        The problem with Burfict is he gets a lot of QB disruption and sacks but this league appears to reward tackle much more.

        Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you again in the future – don’t forget to read Mike’s previews they’re IDP gold dust, as well as the other articles on IDP on the site. We’re growing and are committed to bringing the best IDP stuff out there!

        All the best bud

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