FakePigskin.com Top 50: 2013 Fantasy Running Back Rankings

Without any further ado, below are our composite Top 50 Running Back Rankings!

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1Peterson, Adrian RB MIN1111111
2Martin, Doug RB TB2326347
3Richardson, Trent RB CLE3547528
4Charles, Jamaal RB KC5432839
5Foster, Arian RB HOU6674452
6Spiller, C.J. RB BUF42631065
7Lynch, Marshawn RB SEA10958293
8Rice, Ray RB BAL7885776
9McCoy, LeSean RB PHI97910684
10Morris, Alfred RB WAS121110991210
11Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC14121214141112
12Jackson, Steven RB ATL11101111121819
13Johnson, Chris RB TEN15131512151013
14Forte, Matt RB CHI13141415111515
15Ridley, Stevan RB NE17161919161911
16Gore, Frank RB SF19171716132114
17Murray, DeMarco RB DAL21201317181317
18McFadden, Darren RB OAK20181620171416
19Bush, Reggie RB DET8192121222325
20Sproles, Darren RB NO18152018232818
21Wilson, David RB NYG25242313211621
22Ivory, Chris RB NYJ16231824201726
23Miller, Lamar RB MIA22212228192020
24Bell, Le'Veon RB PIT23222625263123
25Mathews, Ryan RB SD34332422242522
26Ball, Montee RB DEN26252823373028
27Ballard, Vick RB IND27262731332231
28Lacy, Eddie RB GB32312527363227
29Mendenhall, Rashard RB ARI33323029252735
30Green-Ellis, BenJarvus RB CIN24403433272430
31Bernard, Giovani RB CIN30293126314039
32Brown, Andre RB NYG28272937383632
33Jackson, Fred RB BUF29283340284434
34Stewart, Jonathan RB CAR35344134323429
35Vereen, Shane RB NE31303735393533
36Pead, Isaiah RB STL37364030352938
37Ingram, Mark RB NO38353839342636
38Stacy, Zac RB STL45474836444347
39Franklin, Johnathan RB GB364136454545
40Brown, Bryce RB PHI424232413741
41Tate, Ben RB HOU434443433943
42Williams, DeAngelo RB CAR3938443246
43Pierce, Bernard RB BAL4039353344
44Woodhead, Danny RB SD4137454137
45Rodgers, Jacquizz RB ATL4445475040
46Murray, Latavius RB OAK47494949
47James, LaMichael RB SF48504646
48Leshoure, Mikel RB DET39383038
49Bradshaw, Ahmad RB *FA494342
50Goodson, Mike RB NYJ504650

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